Tuesday night's "SmackDown Live" in Toronto brought plenty of WWE "SummerSlam 2017" hype with it. The opening segment featured superstar John Cena arriving to the ring for a segment to discuss his epic match against Shinsuke Nakamura the week prior. It also involved discussion of "The Lone Wolf" Baron Corbin, who attacked Nakamura after the match, leading to a battle between himself and Cena. All of that ended up with Corbin and Cena in a war of words on Tuesday night that has led to a big match being set up for the "SummerSlam" pay-per-view.

Match booked

A week ago, John Cena lost to Shinsuke Nakamura in the big main event match on "SmackDown Live." That loss meant that Cena was out of the championship picture and that Nakamura will take on "The Modern Day Maharaja" Jinder Mahal for the strap at "SummerSlam 2017."

Once the match had ended and Nakamura was in the ring celebrating, his nemesis Baron Corbin arrived to the ring to stage an attack. John Cena had been heading up the ramp, but rushed back down to the ring to make a save. It all ended up with Cena able to hit the Attitude Adjustment on Corbin through an announcers' table on the outside.

A week later and Cena spoke about all that went down on the latest "SmackDown Live" episode.

Baron Corbin arrived out to the stage to engage in some trash talk with "Mr. Hustle, Loyalty, Respect." After the two had gone back and forth a bit, Corbin prepared to leave, but was interrupted by the General Manager Daniel Bryan.

Once on stage, Bryan informed Corbin that he might not be dressed to compete on the latest show, but that he and Cena will go one-on-one at WWE's "SummerSlam" next Sunday.


It's been reported for weeks now that John Cena is a free agent, and recent rumors are suggesting he'll be heading over to WWE's "Raw" roster after "SummerSlam." Could that mean that this is a "throwaway match" for Cena? With that, it could be a way for Corbin to go over as Cena leaves the blue brand's roster.

Or it could be a loss that doesn't matter a whole lot for Baron Corbin.

In the past, there have been situations where a "Money in the Bank" briefcase holder loses a match to make fans forget about them a bit. Then, later on in the PPV, they cash in and walk away with the bigger win for the event. Could that happen for Baron Corbin?

Some rumors are suggesting that Corbin will cash in on Shinsuke Nakamura to quickly take away his chance at winning the WWE Championship. Could he turn the "SummerSlam" title match into a Triple Threat much like Seth Rollins did to win his first major championship? Stay tuned.