At live WWE events, fans are always looking to get a high-five, hug, or selfie from their favorite WWE superstars. One fan recently got to reach out and touch Alexa Bliss, although it wasn't exactly in the most appropriate manner. The latest news arrives as Bliss is scheduled to defend her WWE "Raw" Women's Championship at Sunday's WWE "SummerSlam 2017" pay-per-view event.

What happened?

WWE puts on a lot of shows each year in addition to the "Raw," "SmackDown Live," and pay-per-view events. These include live events known as house shows, where fans get to see a variety of matches featuring their favor superstars.

At one such house show, a match was taking place that had involved Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax, and Bayley.

In what appears to be the aftermath of the match, Nia is seen carrying a limp Alexa Bliss with her championship belt over her shoulder. Bayley tries to reach through the ropes to get at her, but Nia walks away from the ringside area. She gets near to where the front row fans are next to the ramp up to the stage. As Nia moves towards one section, a young fan is seen extending his hand.

Nia notices the boy and appears to say, "No" just as the boy reaches out his hand in high-five fashion. Instead of slapping Nia Jax on the hand, he slaps Alexa Bliss on the backside. Reactions range from shocked "oh no he didn't" looks from other fans to Nia seeming ready to burst out laughing afterward.

She still carries her friend Alexa up the ramp with a smirk on her face and most likely had a good chuckle with Alexa backstage about it all.

Accident or on purpose?

Not many details are known about the boy who ended up reaching out to touch the superstars. However, it's possible that it was an innocent gesture where the young WWE fan thought he was going to slap Nia Jax on the hand or arm and ended up hitting Alexa Bliss.

As many WWE fans have been saying in comment reactions to it, though, if it was an older fan, security would have likely descended on them to remove them from the arena with swiftness. Other commenters believe that the kid is recounting the tale to his friends and now he's also been immortalized online via the social media clip.

As mentioned, Alexa Bliss is scheduled for a match at Sunday's WWE "SummerSlam" pay-per-view in Brooklyn, New York. She'll defend the WWE "Raw" Women's Championship against No. 1 contender Sasha Banks. In addition to that, Bliss and her good friend Nia Jax will both appear on the next season of E!'s reality show, "Total Divas." There's bound to be plenty of funny incidents and stories involving those two friends on the new season.

WWE fans, do you think the fan intentionally hit Alexa on her backside or was trying to slap hands with Nia Jax?