Giancarlo Stanton has been hitting home runs left and right this season. He is on pace for 61 home runs. Stanton made public comments saying that he believes he can get to 61. He also said that he believes that 61 home runs is the "true home run record." Before Mark McGwire broke Roger Maris' record in 1998, and Barry Bonds in 2001, the record for single season home runs was 61. If Stanton were to get to 62 or 61, it would likely spark the discussion of PED users and the legitimacy of the home run record.

Stanton's comments bring up the past

Bonds slugged a record 73 home run in 2001.

Coincidently, the last time a player in the majors has hit at least 60 or more home runs in a season was in 2001. Hitting at least 60 or more home runs in a season has only happened eight times. Sosa counted for three of those, McGwire two of them, and Bonds with his current record. The other two were Maris and Babe Ruth.

Sosa, McGwire, and bonds have been accused of taking PEDs; hence, why they have been left out of the hall of fame as of now. Bonds has been receiving more of the vote, but Sosa has still hit just about 12-percent, while McGwire is completely off. What Stanton is doing is not something this generation has seen without suspected PEDs. Stanton will likely be accused by some that he is using, but he has never failed a drug test.

Stanton acknowledges Bonds' record but disagrees

Stanton told the Sun-Sentinel that it is Bonds' record, but he still believes that Maris holds the true record in his mind. He made connections to the movie "Sandlot" and growing up watching the older names of baseball. Stanton has a chance to make history and join some of those names if he can get to at least 50 home runs or more.

He is currently set on 44 long balls.

Moving forward

Stanton has given the Marlins something to talk about. The Marlins had a long going sell of the team that resulted in Derek Jeter buying in. However, the team is set to miss the playoffs for the 14th straight season. Stanton is the gem in the rough as he had to battle through trade rumors.

Instead, he has been putting on a show by hitting balls out of the park.

Stanton is already the franchise leader in career home runs and runs batted in. He has already set the single season record for the franchise, and he is still going. He has 94 runs batted in and has a chance to break Preston Wilson's single season record for runs batted in (121). No matter what happens, Stanton has had a great 2017, but he would love to break a record in his mind.