Jim Harbaugh came to Michigan to completely rebuild the team. He was asked to return as a "Michigan man" because the school believes in maintaining its longstanding tradition. He is going into his third season, and he has recruited nearly every member of this team. We have seen the cajoling and the antics, and now we may point the finger at Jim if this does not work.

The recruiting drama has worked

Many college football recruiting specialists have noted a change in how Michigan recruits, and they see that the school is bringing in more top recruits.

They must compete with the finest schools in the land, and they are trading on the environment Harbaugh has created. Someone familiar with football and football coaches will find the atmosphere is a bit like that around Pete Carroll. Harbaugh is a player's coach, and young kids want to play for someone like him.

Young people respond to him

There is a generational shift that sees many young guys responding to what Jim Harbaugh has to offer. There is the $800,000 trip to Italy, and there is the social media clatter. Harbaugh will speak his mind even if it sounds mad to the general public, and he will reach out to kids by doing anything that works. He has climbed a tree. He has done the dance moves, and he has proven to kids that he is not a stiff football stooge.

Challenging Ohio State

There are predictions floating around that show Michigan in the final four of the College Football Playoff, but there is a greater obstacle for this team to overcome. Michigan must beat Ohio State. Urban Meyer is the savvy genius with three national titles and multiple undefeated seasons, and he has had his way with Harbaugh and Michigan so far.

It could be argued that the rivalry between these two states (states, not football teams) is the most intense in America. Harbaugh cannot lay his claim to any fame without beating their rival.

He has only himself to blame

A less-than-successful season for Michigan will send Harbaugh on a trip to search his soul. He will have only himself to blame if the team does not perform well, and we may see the loss of assistants before the school starts to look long and hard at a change.

Of course, Michigan has done quite well for itself so far, but teams do take precipitous drops. Proving that his system works will give Harbaugh the recruiting bragging rights that he needs, and his recruiting classes will improve that much more.

Now we sit back and wait for the results.