The Nebraska football team is looking to improve it’s Top 10 ranking on ESPN’s recruiting list and the team is looking to do it by taking recruits away from a conference foe. While the Michigan Wolverines are hardly a school Nebraska will be taking on head to head early and often in recruiting, they think they might be able to steal an Offensive Lineman away from the Wolverines.

The Huskers have recently offered an offensive lineman by the name of Jalen Mayfield, and it appears Mayfield is at least interested in seeing what Nebraska has to offer.

This doesn’t mean the three-star recruit is going to be leaving Jim Harbaugh and his staff in the dust but the football player hasn’t announced he’s committing to his home state school either.

Mayfield would make an impressive get for the Nebraska football team

While the Huskers might be the latest team to offer Mayfield, they are far from the only other Big Ten school going after the offensive lineman. Nebraska joins Michigan, Minnesota, Michigan State, Illinois and Indiana as schools that are seeking the player’s commitment. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the Michigan schools are currently getting quite a bit of love but Nebraska is hoping to elbow its way in there.

The offensive lineman would be a big get for Nebraska not just because they’d be pulling him away from the Wolverines. The eighth best player in the state of Michigan and the 34th best offensive tackle in the class, Mayfield stands at 6-5 and weighs in at 255. The big bodied tackle is definitely someone the Huskers would love to be able to pull in, as they continue to look for depth on the line

Quite a hill to climb for the Nebraska football team

If the Huskers find a way to get an in with this tackle, it’s going to take some work.

While Mayfield let it be known he had gotten an offer on Twitter, 247Sports is still saying their “crystal ball” report shows Jalen as a big time lean towards the Wolverines. It should be pointed out that lean was recorded before Nebraska offered the talented football player.

Is there a chance the Huskers could gain Mayfield’s attention and get him away from Harbaugh?

Mike Riley and company have long thought an early offer was the best way to get their foot in the door. In this case, they’re a bit late to the party. It’s possible the later in the process offer means Nebraska is feeling pretty confident in its ability to kick the door open on the chances of landing Mayfield. So far, there aren’t any announced plans for when the player might announce his commitment.