Ricky Williams has been generally absent from football since his retirement, and the Heisman Trophy winner prefers to do his work without jumping into sports news. However, a reporter caught up with him, and he was asked about the Lavar Ball situation in basketball. Ricky makes an interesting point about how football works, why LaVar Ball could not exist in football and the sacrifices that are made by football players.

LaVar Ball thrives on an individualistic sport

LaVar Ball has swooped into basketball with his three sons because he knows that one player will change the face of a team.

Lonzo is the oldest, and he likely shifted the balance of power on his first team. LaVar Ball is a big personality that thrives because basketball changes on the whim of just one player. Put LeBron James on the Lakers, and they become a contender. Put Kevin Durant on the Warriors, and they look invincible. Chris Paul goes to the Rockets and we gasp in awe. LaVar knows this, and he takes advantage of it every time.

Ricky's explanation of teamwork

We are all acutely aware of how dangerous football is, and the game leaves players in harm's way on every new snap. Ricky has pointed out that LaVar Ball cannot exist in football because one guy does not change a team. Peyton Manning went to the Broncos, but they needed many roster moves to become a Super Bowl winner.

Lonzo Ball goes to the Lakers, and every head in the sporting world turns. Ricky says that the sacrifices made on the football field prevent one guy from being too important, and the true team environment would push out someone like Ball in an instant.

LaVar is a talking head

Ricky did not use such flattering language to describe LaVar Ball, but he was not kind in his assessment of how this basketball father acts.

Ricky Williams represents the segment of the population that wants to see parents sit on the sidelines and clap. We see the rules posted on sports fields around America urging parents to cheer for everyone, that their child is not a professional, and that this is just a game. We often take heed to these rules, but an odd one sometimes falls through the cracks.

LaVar did not read the rules, and he has turned himself into a talking head that marks the stark difference between basketball and football.

We must consider what Ricky has said as it relates to teamwork alone. You may well like the show that LaVar gives you, but he is not operating in a space that would suit every sport.