Giancarlo Stanton hit his 50h Home Run of the season, and he is the big bopper that the Marlins need. They could build a roster around him, but they may consider trading him for value. Derek Jeter is part of an investment group that will control the Marlins soon enough, and he will be in charge of all baseball operations. He could choose to trade Stanton as many people are suggesting, but I believe that is a bad choice for the franchise.

The Marlins need more

The Marlins need more talent on their roster, and they must be given every chance possible to build talent around Stanton.

They cannot do that if they trade him, and it would be difficult for the team to create any cache around their brand if they are trading their best player. They will disappoint the fan base, and they will leave us all wondering what their plans are. I would be terribly disappointed if the Marlins were to let their best player go, and I would think they would spend their next few years rebuilding once again.

Their fans deserve better

The Marlins fans that actually show up to the park deserve better than a team that has been pulled apart once again. They should not be torn up to restart after yet another failed bid to build around a star. They have won more than one World Series after which the team was traded away piece by piece.

Someone who loves the Marlins will have a hard time going back to the park, and I believe that they will fan deeper into the depths of Major League Baseball because they have chosen to disrespect their own franchise so deeply.

They are disgracing the game

The Marlins are disrespecting the game of baseball if they send away their best player to another team that does not need as much as they do.

The Marlins have one of the best hitters in the game, and they could build a contender around him. They only have the Mets and Braves to jump past. The Nationals cannot be trusted to be good year after year, and I do not believe that the Braves can rebuild properly. The Mets are a disaster, and that leaves the Marlins with the best hitter in the division (that includes Bryce Harper.)

They owe him too much

The Marlins owe Stanton so much money that they cannot afford to trade him to another team without paying for much of that contract.

I would ask them to pay for quite a lot of the contract before I agreed to a trade, and I would expect them to be paying that off for a long time. Keep Stanton, build around him, and stop being the worst team in baseball.