"Overwatch" players love their tank heroes. This is why Roadhog used to be one of the most played characters in the entire game. Then Blizzard decided the character needed some adjustments to how he played. The developers ended up giving Roadhog quite a few nerfs. Those nerfs have made it so that players of the ultra popular shooter have been abandoning the Aussie in droves. GameRant reports that statistics reveal that there is almost no one who is picking the character to play with these days.

'Overwatch' statistic tracker tells a sad story

"Overwatch" statistic tracker Overbuff is telling a tale that should have Blizzard a bit concerned.

Roadhog has a pick rate of 0.94 percent. The only character that currently has a lower pick rate is Bastion. The nerfs have made Roadhog so underpowered that it's not just a matter of people not picking the character.

It turns out that "Overwatch" teams that have had someone pick the character also lose more than most. Overbuff reports that teams with Roadhog have the lowest recorded win rate of any combination at just 43.62 percent. This win percentage being as low as it is, means a great deal. This would appear to be telling us that those who are avoiding the character aren't doing so irrationally.

It isn't just a perception that the "Overwatch" character is less powerful than he once was. He's actually making it that much harder to beat off opponents.

Even worse news for fans of Roadhog is that it isn't just your casual players of the game that are finding they would much rather take on the persona of someoene else. The best players in the world are going away from the character in droves as well.

Grandmaster 'Overwatch' tier avoiding Roadhog like the plague

The abandonment of Roadhog is even more pronounced when looking at the Grandmaster tier of "Overwatch" players.

In this tier, the pick rate is just 0.2 percent. While the win rate of 43.3 percent seems relatively normal compared to the other tiers but it is quite a bit lower when looking at the next lowest character. Once again, Roadhog and Bastion are battling it out for the least popular pick. Despite this head-to-head showdown, the win rate in the Grandmaster Tier for Bastion assisted teams is quite a bit higher than teams that use Roadhog with 46.83 percent.

The man, whose backstory has him as an Australian bodyguard appears to need some big time changes. Blizzard could be working on it as we speak, but "Overwatch" players are going to need to be convinced to come back to him.