On Thursday morning in training camp, Ryan Tannehill suffered an apparent leg Injury that didn't seem to be minor. Tannehill had to be helped off the field as he could not do so on his own power. He suffered both a sprained ACL and MCL in the 13th game of the season last year and had to miss what would have been his first playoff appearance with the Miami Dolphins. It appears that his new injury is in the same leg that he suffered his previous one, which is not good news for the team.

Tannehill was scrambling with the ball when the awkward injury occurred.

Last week, the team lost starting running back Jay Ajayi to an injury as well. If Miami plans on returning to postseason action, they will need both Tannehill and Ajayi healthy and in uniform this year in order to do so. If not it could be a disappointing season for Dolphins fans who expect their team to return to the playoffs.

2017-18 season expectations

The NFL playoff contenders are much more difficult to predict than leagues like the NBA. The health of key players can ruin a team's entire chances of playing more than 16 games. Especially if it is the quarterback, who is the leader of the team.

The Dolphins were expecting to go into this season with a healthy Ryan Tannehill, who started every game in four of his first five seasons in the league. He's led the team to a .500 or better record in three of those years and has thrown a total of 106 touchdowns throughout his short career.

Since 2012, Tannehill has shown tremendous upside every year.

He has yet to be the subject of any trade rumors and has stayed healthy in 87 of a possible 90 regular season games. The team was seemingly affected by the injury he suffered last season and were immediately eliminated in their first game of the playoffs. It is not yet known how severe his new injury is, but the team may want to hire a reliable backup just in case Ryan has to miss some time.

Reliable backup QBs

Colin Kaepernick still has not been hired by any team, despite gaining recent interest from the Baltimore Ravens. Kaepernick has proven he can still play solid football, but he has been seemingly blackballed by the league for his season-long national anthem protest. However, not too long ago Colin was considered one of the most talented QBs in the league and led the San Francisco 49ers to the Super Bowl in 2012. So, with his playoff experience, Miami could be the perfect landing spot for Kap to reignite his NFL career.

Robert Griffin III is also another former starter that has yet to find a job this summer. Last season with the Cleveland Browns, he started in just five games and threw just 2 TDs and 3 INTs. Griffin has failed to produce a good season since his rookie year in 2 TDs and 3 INTs. However, he has shown that when he's at his best he can lead a team to the playoffs. So, the Dolphins could consider someone like him to backup Tannehill this upcoming season.