A Nebraska football defensive back who was arrested for marijuana possession back in June has had the charges dropped by the State Of Florida. The dropping of the charges now means that both players who were involved in that situation have done everything they needed to do in order to make their criminal charges go away.

Defensive back Antonio Reed and his Husker teammate Anthony Morgan were charged with marijuana possession together when the car they were in, in Florida was pulled over by the police. The two players were caught with a couple of backpacks of marijuana.

Both players claimed a backpack for themselves. At one time, it looked as though Morgan would be charged with a felony because his backpack held enough to cross the threshold.

Eventually, the prosecutor dropped the charge down to a misdemeanor. The woman who was traveling with the two Nebraska football players was apparently let off because Reed and Morgan claimed all of the marijuana for themselves. When the news was breaking of the two players' arrests, there were some who worried they might lose their spots on the Cornhuskers' roster.

Deferred prosecution for the Nebraska football players

As the Omaha World Herald points out, the state of Florida offers something called "deferred prosecution" for first-time misdemeanor offenders.

Both Morgan and Reed had stayed out of any kind of legal trouble up until their marijuana arrest and qualified for this program. Morgan had completed the requirements for this program earlier this summer. Reed had been officially cleared through the program on August 1.

Now the two, who qualify as veterans on a Nebraska football team that is both young and largely devoid of returning starters can focus on making the Cornhuskers a better team.

Morgan had previously talked about his involvement, saying he knew he made a mistake and had hoped his coaches and teammates understood it wasn't something he planned on doing again.

Marijuana and the 2017 Nebraska football team

The arrests of Morgan and Reed weren't the only run ins with the law the Huskers had to endure this summer.

Just a few weeks after news broke of the incident in Florida, Keyshawn Johnson Jr was also caught with a bag of dope. Unlike Morgan and Reed, Johnson wasn't given the opportunity to straighten out and fly right. Keyshawn Johnson senior decided he needed to leave the Nebraska football team for a while but may return next year.