There has been much speculation as to where LeBron James will be playing next season when he has the option to become a free agent. This offseason, his feud with teammate Kyrie Irving has clearly put the Cavs chances returning to the finals in question. If the team ends up trading Irving, there aren't too many other players out there that will be able to recreate the chemistry that he and James have already built. So, the season for Cleveland will really be dependent on being able to keep the superstar duo together for at least one more year.

One of the reasons Irving requested a trade was the strong possibility of LeBron leaving next season via free agency.

A lot of people believe that he will jump ship again and sign with the Los Angeles Lakers. He owns a home in L.A. and his family still currently lives there. LeBron has remained quiet about his intentions as expected. However, Blake Griffin of the Clippers thinks LeBron will go to the New York Knicks instead, according to ESPN.

Why would LeBron join the Knicks?

There was not much of an explanation as to the reason why Griffin believes King James will end up in New York, but it does make you wonder what the reason would be if he did? Carmelo Anthony is most likely headed out this season and they don't have enough pieces to be a contender. Kristaps Porzingis is talented, but he lacks the experience that Kevin Love has.

Also, the upside of Frank Ntilikina is unknown at the moment as well. More importantly, both of the Knicks future stars lack the experience to help LeBron win another NBA title right away.

The only way it seems that Griffin's prediction could become true is if James is more influenced by the money as opposed to finishing his career at the top of the game.

The Knicks will probably have more cap room to offer LeBron a bigger contract. So, that would be the only thing that could influence him to join a team that is still far from reaching the NBA Finals. Also, the Knicks are one of the teams that Kyrie Irving has reportedly had serious interest in being traded to, so only time will tell if James is capable of being New York bound.

Why Lakers are a better choice

The Los Angeles Lakers would seemingly be a better choice for LeBron in 2018 because they have more promising young talent. Lonzo Ball proved in the NBA Summer League that he is ready for the pros. LeBron James was in attendance in Las Vegas and got a chance to see Ball play up close and personal. He seemed impressed with the talent of the former UCLA guard.

They also have veteran big man Brook Lopez, who has consistently proven he can dominate inside and put up solid numbers throughout his career. Julius Randle has a few years of experience under his belt now and continues to show good upside at the four spot. Magic Johnson continues to show his belief in last year's No.

2 overall pick Brandon Ingram, plus the team signed guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope this offseason.

With the pieces that Los Angeles already has in place, it will be much easier for LeBron to win another championship with the Lakers than the Knicks. At his age, it just makes more sense to do so.