The Cleveland Cavaliers are on top of the NBA trade rumors with Kyrie Irving's interest to leave the team. Previously six teams have shown a keen interest to acquire the Cavs point guard. It appears that the Detroit Pistons have extended the list by involving in a trade deal. Right from the Miami Heat to the New York Knicks and Boston Celtics, Kyrie Irving is still on the trading block.

It seems that the Cavaliers are very patient in getting hold of the best trade option. Irving is a top player in the NBA, but the Cavs are probably waiting to get all the offers and then make their best pick.

The Cavs could have taken the offer from Miami Heat for Irving's trade, or they could have tried to get a hold of Isaiah Thomas from the Celtics. However, Irving still remains with the Cavs as the organization seems to have bigger plans.

The Pistons are one of the top five possibilities for Irving's trade

It is a surprise to know that the Detroit Pistons are on the top five list to strike a trade deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers. A source from the named Keith Langlois stated that the conversation between the Cavs and Pistons are taking place. Now that it is believed the Pistons are interested in the four-time all star NBA player, the question is who will they trade for Irving.

Kyrie Irving had given his preference to the Cavaliers as he opted to play for the New York Knicks.

There were chances for the Knicks and the Cavs to strike a deal considering that Carmelo Anthony is also on the trading block. As for the Pistons, they were not among Irving's list of preferred destinations. Detriot needs to be sure about parting with the right person for Irving.

Andre Drummond to the Cavs for Kyrie Irving?

At this moment, there is a possibility of a trade deal involving Andre Drummond.

If the Pistons might consider shipping their center Andre Drummond for Irving, but they will also have to make more adjustments on the team. On the other hand, it depends on the Cavs if they are ready for the deal.

The Cavaliers might wait for some more time to get more offers from other teams. Given their current situation, they still have lots of time to trade Kyrie Irving.

While many teams are slowly making their offers, sooner or later, the Cavs will need to ship their point guard.

The Detroit Pistons are probably looking for a better establishment. Last NBA season they were the lowest true shooting percentage team in the league. That said, they might be ready to make some unexpected changes for the next NBA season.