Finalizing the celebrated deal between the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers may take some time, assuming the player exchange pushes through. The dreaded concern on isaiah thomas’ injury has hampered the trade with the Cavs reportedly seeking more compensation to get it done.

That is the latest word on the Cavs-Celtics deal where a worse scenario would void the NBA trade. If so, this places both Kyrie Irving and Isaiah Thomas in a pretty awkward situation. Irving wants out of Ohio while Thomas’ exit has been marred by jersey-burnings which LeBron James branded as ridiculous and unwarranted.

Celtics not budging

The only thing known right now is the Cavs seeking further compensation to complete the trade. Thomas could still end up with the Cavs alongside Jae Crowder and Ante Zizic. There is also a 2018 draft pick included in the original deal.

A logical request from the Cavs would perhaps be another pick. As most know, the Celtics have plenty of them so negotiations could start from there. A plausible addition would be a future second-round pick – assuming this is what Cleveland has in mind.

Asking for another player or a first-round pick may land a severe blow, placing the deal in jeopardy. If that happens, all players involved may end up returning to their respective teams.

Irving, Thomas not expected to suit up

Should that happen, it seems odd to see Irving and/or Thomas donning their old jerseys. The Cavs and the Celtics will be pressed to pull trades with both players likely returning disgruntled and committing to play half-heartedly.

This is the worst case scenario and unlikely to happen. If nothing goes down before the NBA regular season starts in October, both could sit out and wait for a deal to materialize.

Hence, Boston and Cleveland may have just ended up with a worse problem than the first.

Both the Cavs and the Celtics are likely to sit down and discuss the issue. It could be a long process as both try to figure out which players or picks will be acceptable to both sides. Of the two, the Celtics are the ones in focus.

A standoff is possible if Celtics president Danny Ainge feels that they have given more than enough for Irving.

If both stand firm on the original deal, it seems almost certain that it will be voided.

A third-string player, money considerations and probably a future pick (except a first-round choice) loom as alternatives for the Celtics. It could be one or a mix of any of them to finally seal the deal and help all players involved to focus on where they will be playing next season. Expect something to materialize in the coming days.