There was the initial word that Kyrie Irving and LeBron James met over the weekend in Miami to sort things out. However, the latest on that is that such did not take place and that it may have been nothing more than fake news.

Word of the meeting first came from Tony Rizzo but Stephen A. Smith disputed the claim on ESPN’s first take. Hence, the tarnished relationship between James and Irving has technically not gained ground.

Back to square one

Patching things up would have been good news to Cavs fans had it gone down. As it stands, that the Kyrie Irving trade is still on the table though time is fast running out.

There is a chance that Irving may soften up and play one more season with the Cavs. This is assuming no deal is made in the coming weeks and if Irving can co-exist with James.

Uncle Drew” could also pay attention to reports that James and Cavs management have a relationship beyond repair. If true, an imminent separation could be happening next summer according to Chris Sheridan of ESPN.

One last bumpy ride

So far, no team has come close to signing Irving. San Antonio is standing out as his preferred destination but the Spurs have hardly made any effort to budge.

There are other teams being mentioned for “Uncle Drew” like the Miami Heat and the New York Knicks. Like the Spurs, they haven’t come close as well.

With the 2017-18 NBA season fast approaching, the chances are high that Irving will stay on for one more season with the Cavs. The meeting with James could have touched on that, both laying a pact to give it one more ride.

After that, both can go their separate ways and jump the Cavs bandwagon. James has that option to negotiate with other teams, one of which is reportedly the Los Angeles Lakers.

For Irving, he may find himself in the same situation next summer. If not, he may end up staying in Cleveland – assuming James does leave. The focus is singled out as one reason why the all-star guard wants out. So with LeBron out, he would be once again the focal point.

If James and Irving team up for one more season, reaching the NBA Finals once more may not be as easy.

The rift from within is obvious, a distraction that can affect team chemistry and harmony.

Cavs coach Tyronn Lue will have to make ends meet, making sure that all his players are on the same page for at least one more season. Other than that, the Cavs seem to be crumbling with player relationships going sour. At the rate things are going, they may end up with no superstar after this coming NBA season.