With the Kyrie Irving transfer now complete, the attention shifts to another NBA player in Carmelo Anthony. Similar to the case of “Uncle Drew”, all is quiet on his end. But at some point, a news-shattering announcement should pop up soon to shock NBA fans.

The only destination on Melo’s mind is Houston. The Rockets are the only team where he would be willing to waive that dreaded “no trade” clause. A straight up swap is unlikely, meaning conduit teams will be needed to get it done. Anthony and his group may quietly be doing that as we speak, preferring to follow a low-profile approach to alleviate detractors.

Which teams are viable options?

It would be anyone’s guess to figure out which team/s would participate in the multi-team scenario. It could be one or two teams, depending entirely on which ballclub wants to tweak their roster with player changes.

Right now, it would be best to single out the forgotten players who were previously in the trade rumor mill. There is Andre Drummond of the Detroit Pistons, Greg Monroe of the Milwaukee Bucks or even Omer Asik of the New Orleans Pelicans.

For the Rockets, the guy headed out the door is believed to be Ryan Anderson though more players like Trevor Ariza could be added to the package. Hence, it would all boil down on what roster spots coach Mike D’Antoni would need to complement Anthony, James Harden and Chris Paul.

Figuring out the right placements

As one can see, an Anthony trade is complicated not because of the 10-time all star. It all boils down to what teams want in exchange. Further, the choices are not limited to swapping players. Also included are future picks, possibly multiple.

At any rate, a deal will be huge if the Rockets are inclined to go through the trouble of adding Melo to the mix.

It is a long (and complicated process) and the final verdict may not be out until the regular NBA season comes around.

Of the mentioned names, Monroe and Asik are the likely leading candidates. Monroe has underwhelmed with the Bucks and trade talk involving him has been abuzz since last season.

Asik finds himself dispensable with the coming of DeMarcus Cousins.

While he can still play backup to Anthony Davis, head coach Alvin Gentry may use the opportunity to get other guys like a shooting guard or small forward. He may not get a star-caliber player but it balances New Orleans as a whole.

So as it stands, the next trade may not merely be about Anthony but which teams would come into the picture. It could be a three-way or four-way trade, depending on the players and add-ons included so that Anthony may finally get his much-awaited wish.