Jeremy Lin has been known to be generous, lending a helping when he can. That would include giving advice or something tangible which endear him to plenty of people.

That custom is likely to continue moving forward and it seems the American-Asian has already started. According to, Lin has hooked up with Texas-based men’s wear designer Abraham Ndoye to provide brand new suits for the Brooklyn Nets in time for Opening Night.

Hefty investment?

Some may call it crazy considering new suits cost a lot. But Lin exemplifies a big heart where he loves to share the wealth.

Being one of the leaders of the team, Lin could be taking it up a notch, making sure that his team looks good at least when the 2017-18 NBA season opens.

Regardless, the hefty investment has sent off mixed signals. One of them includes making a case for the National Basketball Players Association Teammate of the Year award. The special award is handed out to one player from the Eastern and Western Conferences, usually voted by the NBA cagers themselves.

Last time out, the recipient was ironically Lin’s teammate – Randy Foye. Like other awards, the eventual winner has not been spared from controversy. Could this huge investment by Lin help douse water on all that?

Lin initiative just plainly for class

The intent of Lin could be tied up to that award though it may seem petty. It is recognition but Lin has never been known to go after awards so far in his career.

Hence, the only logical intent seen right now is that Lin wants to make his teammates look good. He has done that through the years on the basketball court so why not outside the hardwood?

Brooklyn has received its share of criticism with most singling out their lackadaisical roster. More so, they ended the 2016-17 NBA season with the worst win-loss record. They did get some key acquisitions this season like D’Angelo Russell, Allen Crabbe, DeMarre Carroll and Timofey Mozgov. Though these players had their shining moments with their previous teams, it remains to be seen if they can help the Nets make a big U-turn following a poor season.

For Nets coach Kenny Atkinson, the immediate concern is improving on last season. A playoff berth is likely on his mind at the most with the pressure of whipping his new squad into competitive shape.

The reality of it all is that Brooklyn has a lot of ground to cover for the coming season. There were changes but these may not be enough. And at the rate that they are handing out their future picks, the best the Nets can do is check the free agent market. Hopefully, that ploy somehow reaps dividends somewhere down the road.