The Brooklyn Nets have a lot of work to do as they try to make up for a lackadaisical NBA season. Owning the worst record for the 2016-17 NBA season, the Nets are expected to try and come up with a new roster to help turn things around for next season.

The NBA trade that made no sense at first

Jeremy Lin is still around to lead the wards of head coach Kenny Atkinson. Aside from the Harvard graduate, things have only started to shape up for the embattled Nets.

Also gone is Brook Lopez, the all-star center who was shipped to the Los Angeles Lakers.

His lucrative salary was seen as the reason for the move and the Nets ended up with a rising guard named D'Angelo Russell. At first glance, the deal made no sense. With Lin around, most question why the Nets would entertain Russell.

The good news is that Lin and Russell can play both the point and shooting guard positions. Both are gifted cagers who can orchestrate and shoot the ball. Should Atkinson have that in mind, it may offer other problems since it would mean having a handicapped backcourt in terms of height.

Nets thinking small ball

Then again, most teams right now have shifted to the small ball brand of play. The Golden State Warriors did that with Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green.

Atkinson could have one in mind as well.

For Russell, it is a chance to rebuild his career. He did show signs of promise but his court savvy needs to be consistent. Similar to what Lin went through, Russell will need to establish himself as a trusted leader each time he is called to perform. Once he is able to figure that out, D'Angelo may finally live up to expectations and become the star that most saw him to be.

No threat in Brooklyn for Lin?

As far as Jeremy Lin is concerned, the entry of Russell could mean split playing time if Atkinson does not use them simultaneously. Russell could play backup though a reversal of roles would depend on the situation.

Aside from actual gameplay, injuries could also factor in. Lin had his share of being sidelined in his first season as a Net.

It remains to be seen if the injury bug will spare the American-Asian next season.

Either way, Lin welcomed Russell with open arms. He considered the former Laker a good kid and knows it will take time for the 21-year-old to fit in. Looking ahead, it may not only be D'Angelo Russell trying to get acclimatized. The Nets are expected to add more new faces to the mix where Lin may end up leading the welcoming committee. The only question now is who they could snag from NBA free agency.