Jeremy Lin has been known as a hard-nosed NBA cager though he hardly brags about what he has in mind. But now that he is the undisputed leader of the Brooklyn Nets, the American-Asian is setting high goals for himself his team -- including making the NBA playoffs. Considering the fact that the Nets are coming off a horrendous 20-62 mark last season, aiming that high this early could be a death wish of sorts. There are plenty of things to consider, particularly the manpower the Nets have to deal with.

They traded away Brook Lopez to the Los Angeles Lakers for D’Angelo Russell and Timofey Mozgov, something seen more as a salary dump.

They still have the developing Ronda Hollis-Jefferson and Caris LeVert onboard so most are wondering what Lin is thinking. Is there something he and head coach Kenny Atkinson have up their sleeve?

Up-beat and challenging

Seeing as how other teams have rebuilt profusely in the Eastern Conference, the Nets aren’t likely to be tipped among the favorites. But then again, anything is possible with the right combination – not to mention the never-say-die outlook of “Linsanity.” Atkinson may be hoping that the same attitude rubs off on his teammates, particularly Russell. The former number 2 pick of the Lakers showed flashes of brilliance but consistency has been a recurring question. Russell needs guidance to get back on track.

Lin is no stranger to adversity so he may need to give pointers to the 21-year-old guard from Louisville, Kentucky.

Stay healthy and go hard

One of the problems Lin had to deal with last season was his health. He was hardly seen on the basketball court due to various injuries. The 28-year-old needs to play wisely. Known for his daredevil penetrations and knack of mixing it up inside, Lin needs to be more careful and avoid the skirmishes happening among the big boys in the paint.

Outside shooting and his ability to make his teammates look good are some of the best traits Linsanity has to offer. Hence, Lin has a lot of things to consider if the Nets are to make the playoffs. It may seem fuzzy for now, but the right players on the same page could justify the goal verbally set by the Harvard University alumnus.

The Nets are still trying to reel in players, though most of the top free agents are gone now. They could still get some to join them, hopefully players that share the same fire and passion that Linsanity is known for. The Brooklyn Nets are certainly a team to watch.