On June 5, former New York Knicks head coach Derek Fisher was in Los Angeles when he flipped his SUV on the 101 Freeway while riding with his girlfriend Gloria Govan. Govan is the ex-wife of NBA player Matt Barnes. Fortunately for both Fisher and Govan, they walked away without being injured. However, Fisher scored a .08 on his B.A.C. test but initially pled not guilty to the DUI charges that were against him. Almost three months later, the former coach/player has now struck a plea deal that has led him to plead no contest, according to TMZ.

Fisher will also have to complete 100 hours of community service, use an ignition interlock, and a three-month alcohol education class.

Despite his legal issues, he's currently a television analyst for Spectrum SportsNet for the Los Angeles Lakers. He signed on for the job at the beginning of last season after being fired by the Knicks during the 2015-16 season. Fisher has been able to hold onto his job as an analyst despite his legal issues and he's vowed that he will not get into any further accidents behind the wheel.

Relationship with Govan

Gloria Govan and Matt Barnes were together for eight years before they decided to split and not too long after she was dating his former teammate Derek Fisher. When their relationship was discovered by Barnes, he reportedly roughed up Fisher in his home while several friends were in attendance for a bonfire.

Since the incident, Derek insists that Barnes did show up swinging but never laid a hand on him and everyone there tried their best to keep him calm.

The incident is what ultimately led Fisher to lose his job with the Knicks. Whether or not he gets another coaching job somewhere else remains to be seen. But for now, he seems to be comfortable with his new position until an official offer arrives.

Career achievements for Derek Fisher

Derek Fisher enjoyed several seasons of his career as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers playing alongside Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal. In the early 2000s from 00-02, he won his first three NBA titles in three-peat fashion. He then was able to back-to-back titles with just Kobe in 09' and 10'.

Fisher was a big part of those teams during their championship runs and his contribution earned him a total of five rings. He ended his playing career after 18 seasons in 2014 as a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder. He competed in the NBA Finals once with the team in 2012 but came up short against the Miami Heat.