The english premier league is the most popular sports league in the world, and it leads a large number of European soccer leagues that host Teams from the smallest towns to the largest cities. Someone who follows English soccer on the periphery likely does not know how many of their favorite teams are in tiny towns, but you learn about them nonetheless.

How many cities are there?

England is one of the most vibrant places in the world, and The English have grown up around the smallest teams and towns in the land. There are several teams in London alone, and they play teams that are paired with one another in cities such as Manchester.

The smaller locations such as Nottingham Forest and Burnley or Leeds carry their own tradition regardless of their status as small cities or villages.

The pride is felt at birth

Someone who is born in Leeds becomes a supporter of Leeds at birth, and heaven help them if they change their alliances. That yellow shirt means something to the people of the northern countryside just as the white rose of Yorkshire means something to cricket supporters. You may drive through England at any time of year, and you will note quickly which English Premier League club people support simply by how the towns are decorated. You will see the change in scenery before you see the sign denoting that you have entered said town.

Driving through Middlesbrough will take you past their stadium, and you may not have known the team existed otherwise. Every town with its own club offers the same experience, and their fervor is felt immediately.

Multiple divisions

The English Premier League has multiple divisions that allow for every team in the country to have a place to play.

The league demotes the bottom three teams every year, and three lucky towns or fan bases have their teams promoted to the top division. There is always hope in every English town because of this system, and it keeps every team relevant no matter how poorly they have played.

Leicester's miracle

The Leicester miracle is often considered the greatest upset in all of sports, and it happened because the medium-sized city of Leicester was able to remain relevant while revamping its team.

They were promoted to the top division, and they made their fan base proud. There have been so many winners of the English Premier League that everyone feels that they have a chance. Perhaps watching a few hours of English soccer will teach you about a few places on the map.