Arguably the biggest trade of the jam packed and exciting 2017 offseason happened on Tuesday night. It was announced that the Boston Celtics have agreed to trade isaiah thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic and a 2018 unprotected first round draft pick which is from the Brooklyn Nets to the Cleveland Cavaliers for the 4-time NBA all-star and young talent, Kyrie Irving.

This was a huge trade for both teams, and a lot of people feel this trade has been, and will be, beneficial for both sides. Boston was able to get rid off Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder, who both hold big contracts, and gain one of the best young talents in the entire league in Uncle Drew.

Meanwhile Cleveland gained a similar young superstar scoring point guard in Isaiah Thomas and get a much needed defensive wing player in Jae Crowder. But not only this, Cleveland also received Zizic and a first round draft pick that may be the number one pick in 2018, this can be a very important piece and the Cavaliers may use these two items as trade bait.

LeBron has message for Kyrie Irving

Cleveland Cavaliers superstar small forward LeBron James and 4-time all-star point guard Kyrie Irving have spent the last three years together and held a very close bond. They've visited the NBA Finals in the last and three straight years and won a championship, and during those years, they have had many huge moments on the court.

So when the two parted ways due to the trade, LeBron made sure to send a message to his former teammate, and he did so via Twitter.

Despite all the commotion and talk in the media, LeBron James holds no hatred towards the 25-year old.

Although he mentions Kyrie as being a 'kid', he probably believes Kyrie's not at a high mature level yet, and that might be why he requested a trade.

Is Kyrie the star now?

Kyrie Irving wanted to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers and be traded to a team so he can be the main guy, the leader of the team, not the second fiddle behind LeBron James in Cleveland.

And he might've found exactly that with this trade to the Boston Celtics. Although they acquired a superstar in the offseason, Gordon Hayward, their main guy this season will still most likely be, Kyrie Irving. Last season, Isaiah Thomas led the way for the C's, leading the league in fourth quarter scoring and this season Irving could take that same role for the team in white and green, but the question still looms. Can Kyrie Irving take the Celtics far in the playoffs? Can they defeat the Cavs? It will be very interesting to watch.