It's that time of the year again, the time when NBA 2K18 is released and fans are anxious to hear any information about the game leading up to its release. The released ratings of NBA superstars is always something that gets the fans and media talking and anxious. It's also a hard for the 2K team to make a decision on these ratings due to the backlash and judgment they will receive from not only the fans and media but also the professional basketball players themselves.

Unlike the 90s or early 2000s, nowadays NBA stars have become very connected to technology and to video games such as NBA 2K.

So the rating they receive, the way their player plays and how they look visually in the game, means a lot to them. It can even have an affect on how they play in real life and they may want to prove themselves if their rating isn't what they'd like. This has been proven in the past when the young Miami Heat stud with a lot of potential strung together some great performances, including triple doubles with blocks. He then stated he was just "trying to get his 2K rating up", and that's exactly what happened. Plus his performances helped him to become one of the best big men in the league right now.

LeBron's rating

LeBron James will be an overall rating of 97 on NBA 2K18. NBA 2K sends screenshots with the players respective player ratings to individual players on Twitter so Dwyane Wade decided to reveal on his Twitter account on Tuesday that LeBron James will be rated a 97 in the new game.

This makes King James the highest rated player in NBA 2K18, as he has been so consistently for almost the past decade in 2K. The Chosen One will be once again the team leader for the Cleveland Cavaliers and will be their star player in the game.

As expected by many though, LeBron James year in and year out rating proves he is the best player in the league and the rating of a 97, higher than Kevin Durant (96), Kawhi Leonard (95) and Stephen Curry (94) proves just that.

Dwyane's rating

Dwyane Wade will be an overall rating of 84 on NBA 2K18.

Dwyane Wade also revealed his own NBA 2K18 rating in the same Twitter post.

Wade will have an overall rating of 84 in the newest edition of NBA 2K. The Chicago Bulls shooting guard will have the same rating as young Indiana Pacers star Myles Turner and will be rated one rating less than Andre Drummond. This has caused a stir in the media, as a lot of people feel and believe that D-Wade's rating is too low, finding it disrespectful to be on the same level as a player like Myles Turner.