The 2017 MLB season is officially 80% over, and once again Las Vegas oddsmakers have listed a new team as the favorite to win the fall classic. That new honor belongs to the surging red hot Los Angeles Dodgers.

The Dodgers are currently listed as 2/1 favorites to win the 2017 World Series, which makes them the biggest favorite this season. Back in March, the Dodgers were listed as high as 10/1 odds, right behind the defending Champion Cubs. A lot has changed since opening day.

The Cubs had a rough first three months of the season, but have since seemed to the right the ship.

Nevertheless, it has been the Dodgers that have been stealing the headlines on a daily basis since day one. Right now, L.A. is in first place in the National League West division, 20 games ahead of the Colorado Rockies.

L.A.’s record setting season

To say the Dodgers are having a great season is an understatement of epic proportions. Los Angeles could wrap up the NL West by Sept. 1 and could produce one of the best records not only in Dodgers history but MLB history as well. At the rate they are winning, L.A. is on pace to win 113 games, which would be a National League record for a 162-game schedule. When it comes to big offensive numbers, the Dodgers are led by third baseman Justin Turner and first baseman Cody Bellinger.

Justin Turner is hitting near .340 on the season and seems to get on base every time he gets an at-bat! Bellinger, who was recently sent to the disabled list for an ankle injury, leads the team in home runs with 34 and RBI with 79.

According to an earlier SI report, the Dodgers were the first team to win 30 games in a 34-game span since the 1977 Kansas City Royals pulled off the feat.

They were also the first squad to do so in the NL since the 1936 Giants. It is no wonder why they are now the clear cut front runners to be crowned the champions of baseball this fall. All that being said, Dodgers fans are hoping that this incredible regular season concludes with a World Series title.

Other top contenders and big payroll pretenders

Outside of the Dodgers, the Boston Red Sox, Washington Nationals, Houston Astros and Cleveland Indians have all moved up on the Vegas odds board. Each of these teams were listed at 10/1 or higher when the season began, all well behind the defending champion Chicago Cubs who were the preseason favorites at 3/1. The Cubs are now sitting at 10/1 odds - which may make fans who like to wager on MLB prop bets want to take them. Right now, the Cubs are playing their best ball of the year, and 10/1 odds would provide a much bigger return than a 3/1 wager.

While each of the teams mentioned above have a great shot at winning the 2017 World Series, the top three disappointments this season have to be the New York Mets, Detroit Tigers, and San Francisco Giants.

All three squads had incredibly high hopes heading into 2017 but would need a September miracle even to make the playoffs.

Below is a list of the top playoff contending teams' odds to win the 2017 World Series.

  • Los Angeles Dodgers 2-1
  • Washington Nationals 6-1
  • Boston Red Sox 6-1
  • Houston Astros 6-1
  • Cleveland Indians 7-1
  • Chicago Cubs 10-1
  • New York Yankees 16-1
  • St. Louis Cardinals 18-1
  • Colorado Rockies 20-1
  • Arizona Diamondbacks 20-1
  • Kansas City Royals 30-1
  • Seattle Mariners 40-1
  • Los Angeles Angels 40-1
  • Tampa Bay Rays 60-1
  • Milwaukee Brewers 80-1
  • Minnesota Twins 80-1
  • FIELD -- 200/1