Twitter has become a social media platform for players to express their feelings and desires. In fact, a lot of information can be found through Twitter if you follow NBA players -- who remain very active on the platform. LeBron James is one of those players that loves to send many cryptic tweets, usually expressing the way they feel about certain situations.

Being no stranger to media hype, James posted an interesting Tweet Wednesday morning in a conversation with Jamal Crawford. James said that he is impatiently waiting for the regular season to begin because he misses basketball, and Crawford responded, telling James to make a trip to Seattle to play in his pro-am league.

James’ latest tweet creating buzz

James later responded by saying, “May have to make a day trip up there when I’m back home in LA bro!”

Obviously, James is referring to his $20 million mansion that he has in Los Angeles, which he visits every summer. However, calling Los Angeles his home has many people in a frenzy, since James has been rumored to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers to either join the Lakers or Clippers.

Reliable sources believe James will leave Cleveland

After all, there are a lot of credible people around the NBA that believe James will indeed leave Cleveland to join the Los Angeles Lakers next summer.

James has many businesses in Los Angeles that would make him tons of cash. Staying near those businesses is ideal for the three-time champion.

Even his wife, Savannah Brinson, has hinted at a move to Los Angeles. As a matter of fact, she has indicated that she wants to live in Los Angeles. In a report by Bleacher Report, “Cleveland’s loss in the 2017 NBA Finals has led Lakers officials to hear more whispers about James’ interest in a final chapter in Los Angeles, where his wife would like to live full time, per sources.”

Due to all the reports made throughout the offseason, James’ latest tweet created a lot of buzz around the NBA, and there are plenty of signs pointing to a departure to L.A.

Perhaps Kyrie Irving knows that James will leave the Cavaliers, which is why he is requesting a trade from the team. Maybe that’s also the reason why Carmelo Anthony has eliminated the Cavaliers from his list of preferred destinations. It’s quite possible that some of these stars may know something about James’ free agency next summer.

However, a lot of what James does as a free agent will rely heavily on the team’s success this season. James hasn’t been too happy with Cleveland’s offseason moves, and the rest of the year remains to be seen.