It didn't take 24-hours before LaVar Ball responded to Michael Jordan's statement saying, he could beat him with one leg. Capitalizing on the superstar's quip, LaVar proposes a pay-per-view, 1-on-1 challenge the six-time NBA champion. The rift apparently started when months ago, LaVar, Lonzo Ball's dad said, he could have easily "killed" Michael Jordan in his prime years in the NBA.

Michael Jordan's response to LaVar Ball

The Chicago Bulls' star and now the owner of the Charlotte Hornets did not respond to the statement, but now, during his talk at his Flight School basketball camp on Monday, Jordan expressed his thoughts about Ball's statement.

Citing LaVar's statistics that is nothing more than an average of 2.2 points per game and 2.3 rebounds per game, Jordan thinks it's not worth it to comment. The outspoken father of this year's No.1 NBA draft pick Lonzo Ball apparently meets his match and his daring insinuations.

LaVar Ball recently came under fire when he asked a female referee to be replaced after receiving a technical on Friday's game. Adidas has since expressed its regret for granting LaVar Ball's request. Meanwhile, Ball said during an interview that spectators are actually blowing the thing out of proportion. He said he has nothing against a female referee; "I don't care if all girls ref -- if they're good refs, let's go ahead and do it.

But it's not about tech-ing up and making a scene."

The ZO2 shoes and Big Baller Brand

Since the launching of Lonzo Ball's basketball shoes, the father, and son duo received criticism primarily because of the brand's ridiculously high price for a pair of shoes. The Big Baller Brand currently collaborates with Adidas and has been on several tours to promote Lonzo's shoes; a mere elaborate marketing for someone who hasn't played a game against the elite.

LaVar, on the other hand, couldn't care less.

However, he explained why such shoes, the ZO2 cost so much and that's because Lonzo is the first player to ever obtain a brand even before entering the NBA. Also, he mentioned that his son designed and conceptualized the shoes that make it even more worth the projected price of $495.

He also dissed on other brands like Adidas, Nike and Under Armour saying they are all "battling" under his brand, trying to get to Foot Locker.

Should people take LaVar ball seriously? Because nothing defines a failure like a Big Baller brand that is all talk and has yet to prove something in the league.