Cleveland Cavaliers Point Guard Kyrie Irving is not willing to sign a contract extension yet, whether it's with the Cavaliers or with another team. Irving made it known that he wants to be traded to another team, and it seems that he will be just another rental.

The point guard has three more years left on his contract, with a player option on the final year. Considering that he is uncertain about his future, he will most likely opt out of his contract in two years and become a free agent.

Just like Paul George, who was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder this summer, Kyrie Irving wants to let other teams know that he is not willing to stay with them long term.

Unlike George, Irving has more than one year left on his contract, which makes him very valuable. While trading for a one-year rental is very risky, trading for a superstar who has at least two more years on the contract doesn't seem like a bad move.

Kyrie Irving not ready to commit

Terry Pluto of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that Kyrie Irving is not ready to commit to any team at this point. The point guard wants to keep his options open and see what happens in the following years. Considering how good Irving is, there is no doubt that a lot of teams will be looking to trade for him or sign him. If he commits to one team long term, he will lose all other options.

It is very unlikely that Irving will stay in Cleveland after this summer and it wouldn't be surprising if the Cavaliers trade him in the following weeks.

Even if he does stay, there is no doubt he'd leave Cleveland in two years. The smartest move the Cavaliers could make is to trade Kyrie Irving for another superstar, one who'd like to stay on a championship-contending team. By doing this, the Cavaliers would get a player who actually wants to play for them, and they'd also get rid of Irving's contract.

Irving's contract details

Kyrie Irving signed a 5-year contract worth $94.3 million in 2015. In the first season of his new contract, the Cleveland Cavaliers won a championship and it seemed things were going very well for them. However, this year's lost in the NBA Finals caused a lot of problems and Irving wants to leave.

The point guard will be paid nearly $18.9 million next year and $20.1 million a year after.

If he exercises his player option on the last year of his contract, which he most likely won't, Irving would be paid $21.3 million. Realistically, he is worth much more than that and he is just entering his prime.