Golden State Warriors' Kevin Durant has choice words for under armour at the expense of his teammate Stephen Curry. Talking on The Bill Simmons' Podcast on Monday, the NBA star held nothing when he said that no player really wants to play in Under Armour. Implying that shoe deals have great influence on where future athletes will play, he further commented: "I think a lot of kids, to be honest, they don’t choose Maryland unless they play in like an Under Armour system coming up." He lauded the brand's support for Maryland for being one of the key reasons good players still choose the school.

Does Kevin Durant's comments hit home?

Ask if he ever discussed the matter to Stephen, he answered, "Nah, but come on man, everybody knows that. They just don’t want to say nothing.” Stephen Curry is currently under contract with the brand earning over $4 million a year. According to the Bleacher Report, Durant almost agreed to sign a 10-year, $250 million contracts with Under Armour, but eventually, decide on extending his Nike endorsement reaching $300 million.

He also took his time dissing on former teammate Dion Waiters saying, he could have gotten more money if "he didn't [expletive] around." Waiters is currently signed to the Miami Heat for a four-year, $51 million deal.

Under Armour on the Stock Market

Was it coincidental that Durant made the statement and the Under Armour stocks went down the same day? Market Watch monitored the drop of Under Armour UAA, -2.95% ending the day with 3%, at $16.43. Stephen Curry has yet to comment on Durant's honest to goodness insight about the show brand.

Meanwhile, KD previously made headlines when revealed his thoughts about Paul George being traded to the Oklahoma City Thunders.

Apparently, he thinks that the Indiana Pacers just gave him away with no sufficient players to trade in. Furthermore, he also believed that the Thunders wouldn't have voluntarily made the trade.

In a different news, Durant continues to trash talk the Knicks that despite openly admitting how much he loves the Madison Square Garden, he also said he would never play for the team.

He currently holds the fourth spot in NBA's highest shoe sales following the likes of LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and current teammate Stephen Curry.

Kevin Durant joined the Warriors in 2016 and claimed his first NBA championship after spending his whole career with the Seattle Super Sonics; now the Oklahoma City Thunders.