jordan spieth is the hottest golfer in the world, and he has come quite close to completing the career Grand Slam at just 24 years old. He is a powerful golfer with a killer instinct, and he is a threat in every tournament he enters. He will likely win the PGA Championship at least once in his career, but he is suffering from a regency bias that we have not seen since Tiger Woods was at the top of his game.

He just won the British Open

Jordan just won the British Open, and he created an expectation that he could win every tournament. We know as spectators of the game that he cannot win every game, but we want him to win every game.

Our want for his success pushes the idea that he can win every tournament, and it is quite important to remember that Jordan cannot win every tournament. He may be the best golfer in the world today, but there are tons of fine golfers on the tour. Someone new tends to win every tournament every week, and we have seen a rash of new winners win majors in recent years.

Do not doom him with expectation

Tiger Woods doomed himself by creating a false persona that he sold to all of us, but we played a part in loving Tiger too much. We showed him that he should win every tournament, and he started to back off because he could not meet expectations. He withdrew from the game far sooner than he should have, and he has not come back because he worries about what we think of him.

Jordan could end up in the same place if he goes on a cold streak.

Reasonable goals for Jordan

A reasonable goal for Jordan is to see him win a couple tournaments a year, contend in every major, perhaps win one every year, and remain relevant even if he goes on a losing streak. He has the personality that people enjoy, and he must remain at the forefront of the game.

He cannot make the mistakes of Rory McIllroy because Rory cast himself out by breaking his fiancee's heart, talking too much, and underperforming in the major tournaments. Golf is an unforgiving game, and those who do not treat it well tend to fall by the wayside. No one said that Rory is a bad player, but he is clearly not where he once was.

There are many people watching Jordan Spieth hoping to see him win every tournament, and it is important for Jordan to not fall victim to the expectations. He will win many more tournaments, but he cannot be expected to pull out a win every week. Failure at the PGA Championship this past weekend was a mere bump in what should be a long and successful career.