J.J Redick reveals why he chose to opt out on Houston Rocket's offer and chose to go to the Philadelphia 76ers instead. According to Yahoo! Sports, Redick's decision have everything to do with the longevity of the contract, and if he can't have it, then he might as well go to a team that offers more. Apparently, the Rockets general manager Daryl Morey's decision to cut the contract from four years to three years alarmed the player.

During his interview with HoopsHype's Alex Kennedy, Redick said he had several considerations that eventually lead to the fallout.

He also revealed that he talked to Chris Paul about the contract and said that he wanted to join him with the Houston Rockets. But when he learned that the contract had been cut to three years he worried about the numbers and the pains of having to relocate the family.

The Houston Rockets deal vs. the Philadelphia 76ers offer

"They offered four [years], and then they went three. Daryl [Morey] always has a million things going on, like in A Beautiful Mind with all of the stuff written on the chalkboard. I’m sure he had four or five deals out there [he was working on]," he added. He also doubts Morey's style in the trade and contract agreement. JJ Redick also expressed his doubts about the 3-year contract that could become a 6-month deal.

Redick has since signed a $23 million single season contract with the Philadelphia 76ers, which according to Jack Maloney of CBSSports, could be an advantage to him should the contract extends to another three or four years. Meanwhile, it's best that he chose a massive one-year deal, cashing in on a short term contract; giving enough movement for a better one next season.

Other players update, news, and talks of trade

In other news, this season's free agency has been a whirlwind for the different teams and its players. Kyrie Irving's request to be traded, on the other hand, has been by far the most controversial and interesting news following rumors that his request is brought by an apparent fall out with Cleveland Cavalier teammate LeBron James.

While Irving did not comment on the rumors, he wanted out in order to find a team that will allow him to excel and fully contribute his talents on the court.

Also, expect a different DeMarcus Cousins of the New Orleans Pelicans after he recently shed pounds, showing a slimmer version of his old self. During an interview, Cousins said it's probably the best he felt in his whole career. The NBA training camp is expected to start by the end of September; players are expected to have sealed and finalized their respective contracts by then.