Hoodie Allen fans are fiercely loyal and the rapper tends to reward them with plenty of new music. Its been some time since he came out with an album or mixtape, however. The rapper took to social media to announce that the wait is about to come to an end. "The Hype" -- a title both apt and somewhat ironic in name -- will be the next big music project from the independent rapper. The world better watch out, because he's hyping up his album to signal a new era.

Invest in 'The Hype'

Last week, Hoodie Allen took to social media on his birthday to announce that something new was in the works.

He said that it would start a "new era" and that he wasn't playing around anymore. Just a few days later, he followed that post with a video, just under two minutes long. It was a trailer for "The Hype," featuring a young boy who goes from privately writing rhymes to sizing up the biggest bling he can find. The rapper doesn't appear in the video, but he doesn't need to.

The trailer and the release date for "The Hype" -- September 29 -- were not the only surprises Hoodie Allen had for his fans. Shortly afterward, he announced that the newest single would be coming out on Thursday night. That may struggle to gain traction, as Taylor Swift is reportedly releasing a new single at the same time.

The "Hoodie Mob" is loyal, though, and are through the roof with anticipation over a new record.

Return of Hoodie Allen

When we last heard from Hoodie Allen, "Happy Camper" was making waves back when it was released on January 22, 2016.

It reached the US Rap chart, spawning singles like "Champagne and Pools" and "Surprise Party." It didn't have the same success as his first studio album, "People Keep Talking," but it still demonstrated a progression in attitude and style that will likely manifest itself on "The Hype."

The biggest question about "The Hype" is whether or not any of the rapper's famous friends will be making appearances.

Recent records have included the likes of blackbear, Kyle, and even Ed Sheeran. Earlier mixtapes and extended plays relied more on samples and less famous friends, all the way through "All-American," which truly put Hoodie Allen back on the map in 2012. Thursday night will bring the first taste of the new record -- presumably via the song that plays in the background of the trailer -- and the Hoodie Mob will surely freak out on the Internet about the return of their favorite musician to the studio.