Earlier in the summer, the big question surrounding the Green Bay Packers wasn’t who was going to be the team’s starting quarterback. The question that was plaguing many fans was just who was going to be backing up Aaron Rodgers. As fall camp heats up, the biggest question, as well as the most fun, is who is going to win the third quarterback spot.

The two candidates who are battling for the spot are likely not going to ever challenge for a starting job in the NFL. They certainly aren’t going to challenge for a starting job this season. Still, Joe Callahan and Taysom Hill are two players that Packers fans can easily root for as camp winds on.

The winner of the battle gets himself a roster spot. The loser is going to be on the hunt for a practice squad spot, either with his current team or with another franchise.

The Packers and the backup quarterbacks

As the preseason games have now started, The Green Bay Packers have been able to get a good long look at the two players who are battling it out for third QB on the team. Joe Callahan, according to ESPN did what Joe Callahan does in his latest outing. He made plays that seemed like they were created out of nothing.

The talent to do that is why he is back on the Pack in the first place. It's also why there have been some other NFL teams who have been willing to give him a shot for at least brief periods of time.

He doesn't have the arm strength to make himself a starter, even on the worst of teams most likely, but he could continue to be someone who is challenging for a spot on an NFL roster.

Taysom Hill, on the other hand, was once considered one of the better quarterbacks in college football. Injuries sapped his ability to make the plays the way he wanted to, but he was still feared during his entire career.

He signed with the Pack as an undrafted free agent earlier this spring and has been a fan favorite since then.

He showed off his arm strength in his last outing. An arm strength that might be a bit under appreciated. He can also make plays with his feet. There's even a chance that should he continue to stay healthy and develop, some NFL team might even consider him an emergency starter.

The Packers likely hope he'll never need to start with his current team, but having depth at the quarterback position is never a bad thing.

Who wins the third-string job for the Green Bay Packers?

The odds have to be on Taysom Hill to take the job at this point. While Callahan has defied the odds before, he's likely more of a practice squad journeyman. Hill has the talent to be at least a backup player on an NFL roster and for the Green Bay Packers.