We thought the Golden State Warriors could not surprise anymore. They have assembled one of the deadliest super teams ever to play, involving Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green. Now, we hear that they could go after none other than NBA superstar Paul George next summer. Tim Kawakami of The Athletic joined Tim Bontemps on a podcast this week and stated that the Warriors would attempt to land George in free agency next off-season. He added that Warriors owner Joe Lacob was "going to try and find a way."

Does George still want to be a Laker?

George has been strongly linked with a move to the Los Angeles Lakers next year.

It was reported that George informed of his plan to play for the Lakers to the Indiana Pacers' management once he told them that he would be leaving the franchise next summer. Consequently, George was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder. However, the George-Lakers soap opera has not ceased to be present in media platforms. But, the Lakers cannot play the winning card as the Warriors could do?

Could the Warriors get George?

How the Warriors would pull off such a heist remains to be seen. What seems almost certain is that they would have to part ways with either Klay Thompson or Andre Iguodala, or maybe both. Thompson has two years left on his contract, and Iguodala has three left. Thompson has been linked with a potential move to the Los Angeles Lakers.

One cannot discard the option of Thompson, an LA native, choosing to play with the same team his father, Mychal Thompson, played with.

Iguodala drew a lot of interest from different NBA teams this off-season. There is no reason not to believe that a player with his experience and valuable intangibles would not draw attention again next summer.

The Warriors would still not be able to offer George the max. However, they were able to convince Durant to take roughly $10 million less than the max he was eligible and merited to get this year. The Warriors would sell George on the idea that he can come in to contribute heavily, win multiple NBA championships, and be part of history.

Warriors and George would form a super-dynasty

Hypothetically, if the Warriors could get George, then the NBA titles would surely be theirs for many years to come. The Warriors team is already a ridiculous team with two MVPs sharing the floor, Durant, and Curry. The second best shooter in the game, Thompson, and the best defensive player in the league, Green, back them up. They are already building a frightening dynasty. George, who is one of the best two-way players in the game, would fit in nicely in the Warriors' system. He too can shoot the lights out.

Critics usually say that teams always have room for improvement. However, with the current Warriors, it is unclear. How much better can they truly get?

Paul George has an important decision ahead of him. It looks improbable that he remains with the Thunder. How much does he want to win? He has already stated that he is all about winning championships, but NBA stars like the spotlight; just ask Kyrie Irving. On the other hand, the Lakers are taking the right steps to convince George that he can lead them to success. Either way, George has in store for us an astounding decision next year.