The Los Angeles Lakers are trying to build a winning culture again. Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka have taken the right steps to put the organization on the map again and enable Lakers fans to dream of great things again. The Lakers' young core is promising, but it will need time to grow and become an elite group. What they do not need is the presence of a superstar like LeBron James, who would hinder their progress and steal their spotlight. LeBron's name has surfaced throughout the media all summer long as a probable signing for the Lakers next summer.

However, his expectations cannot be met right now by the Lakers' inexperienced group of players.

LeBron on his way out?

Kyrie Irving has reportedly asked for a trade, and this might further push James out the door next year. James might be thinking that he has fulfilled his duty by bringing a championship to Cleveland and that it is time to start a new adventure with a new team and new stars. Surely he can play in bigger markets, and there is no market more attractive than that of Los Angeles. But, even with the addition of Paul George next year, the Lakers would need to give time to their young players to flourish. George, a LA native, would look to grow as well with the likes of Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Julius Randle, and Jordan Clarkson.

Sooner rather than later, the Lakers would become relevant again. On the other hand, LeBron would only bring unnecessary pressure and drama.

Lakers and James do not fit together

James has reached the NBA finals for the last seven years. He is synonymous with NBA title contention. One could argue that the weak state of the Eastern Conference over the last years has played a major role in enabling James and his teams to reach the NBA Finals without breaking a sweat.

However, James clearly makes his teammates better and has always put his team in a good position to win. Having said that, the Lakers should not pursue James next summer.

No matter how good James still is at age 33, he is the antithesis of what the Lakers are trying to build. The Lakers will attempt to copy the Golden State Warriors formula for success.

Their young core will grow together, and eventually, the necessary veteran pieces will be added into the mix in order to elevate their game. James would only add extra and unnecessary pressure on the Lakers' young players, who are not ready to perform at an elite level. This would hinder their progress. The Lakers are not ready to contend for the NBA title and James is not ready to be patient this late in his career.

Ball and James would not coexist

Lonzo Ball is the new face of the franchise. If the Lakers want to find themselves again, they will need to put the ball in Ball's hands. The addition of James would make the opposite happen, and, consequently, would disable him from fulfilling his potential.

Lonzo Ball is not Kyrie Irving. Ball cannot play off the ball as much and still average 25 points a game. His only chance of succeeding in this league is by being the main ball handler. Discouraging Ball is simply not something the Lakers want to do.