ESPN's Stephen A. Smith has reported that Dwyane Wade will either go back to the Miami Heat or join the Cleveland Cavaliers once his buyout with the Chicago Bulls is completed. According to ESPN's Nick Friedell, the Bulls are expected to buyout Wade's contract in the coming months.

Bulls moving on from Wade

The Chicago Bulls finally made a decision to commit to rebuilding and traded Jimmy Butler to the Minnesota Timberwolves. In return, the Bulls received young talents in Zach LaVine, Kris Dunn, and Lauri Markkanen. Keeping Wade makes no sense for the Bulls, who will look to let their young players flourish while they lose games and increase their chances of landing high draft picks.

Wade, 35, came back to his hometown of Chicago with the hope of playing alongside veteran stars and strongly competing in the Eastern Conference. Now that he has fulfilled his dream of playing for the team Michael Jordan once played for, Wade can now chase a ring for one last time or go back home where he has always belonged.

Wade reuniting with Heat?

Wade parted ways with the Miami Heat last year after Pat Riley declined to improve his offer to keep Wade. Heat fans lamented his departure and still do to this day. Wade belongs with the Heat and deserves to end his career in the right manner. Smith reports that the Heat could use their mid-level exception to sign Wade. The ball is now on the Heat's court.

Do they want Wade back?

The Heat had an impressive run in the second half of the season, and they are looking forward to building on it. Wade would certainly bring a needed championship experience to the Heat. Hassan Whiteside and Goran Dragic are solid players, but none can lead a championship caliber team and deliver in crunch time like Wade.

Udonis Haslem would certainly welcome Wade back. Here is what he had to say about Wade's possible return while on WQAM: "Hey, we'd love to have you."

Wade and James back together?

Wade could also pair up again with his close friend LeBron James. The Cavaliers could give Wade another chance at the NBA title. Kyrie Irving's departure is looming; the Cavs could need more help on the perimeter.

JR Smith, Iman Shumpert, and Kyle Korver have failed to be consistent players at the shooting guard position. Wade seems to still have some fuel left in his tank at age 35, and that should be enough to help James reach the NBA finals and challenge the all-mighty Golden State Warriors.

No star, especially a three-time NBA champion and future Hall-of-Famer, wishes to be bought out by his team. It is not how Wade intended things to go in Chicago at this stage of his career. However, it might be just what Wade needs in order to ultimately retire in the right way. And the right way can only be at home with the Miami Heat or in pursuit of a fourth NBA championship.