ESPN reports that the Cleveland Cavaliers' number one target, if they were to trade Kyrie Irving, would be New York Knicks star Kristpas Porzingis. However, the Knicks are reluctant to listen to offers for Porzingis. This might be the Cavs' chance to include another familiar name in trade talks, Kevin Love, in their offer. And this could be a chance for the Knicks to rid themselves of some undesired contracts, including that of Carmelo Anthony.

Cavaliers want Porzingis

The Cavaliers are in no rush to trade their superstar. They are waiting to receive the right offer, and this would have to involve a young star.

However, the discontented superstar will not make it easy for Cavaliers management to keep waiting.

The Cavs have set their eyes on Kristaps Porzingis, another star who was once disgruntled when Phil Jackson ran the show. Having moved on from Jackson, Porzingis seems ready to be a Knick for a long time. What remains uncertain is the Knicks' ability to build a strong team around him. Maybe their only way out is trading Porzingis and starting from scratch; the Cavaliers would surely hope so.

Cleveland has also long contemplated exchanging Kevin Love for Carmelo Anthony. This may be the moment to pursue a blockbuster deal that could at least include Irving, Love, Anthony, and Porzingis. Such a deal could help the Cavs give a reason to LeBron James to stay next year.

And such a deal could immediately make the Knicks a better team.

Knicks need to listen to a Cavs offer for Porzingis

The Knicks are not going anywhere with the team they have right now. It is uncertain which direction management is taking. On one side, veterans like Carmelo Anthony, Joakim Noah, and Courtney Lee and their painful contracts are hindering the team's future.

On the other hand, young players like Kristaps Porzingis, Willy Hernangomez, and Frank Ntilikina cannot fully flourish until the organization fully commits to rebuilding.

The Knicks' cap space is still compromised for several years. Consequently, they will be unable to sign one or two stars. And we know that in today's NBA it seems like a team needs at least three stars in order to become a contender.

If the Cavaliers are willing to at least take the contract of Noah, then they should have a reason to at least listen to a potential offer of Irving and Love for Porzingis and Anthony.

Cavaliers should offer almost anything for Porzingis

The Cavaliers know that sooner or later they will have no choice but to accept an offer for Irving. It will do them no good to keep an unhappy player, especially one that is unhappy to play with LeBron James. Getting a young star or potential superstar in exchange for Irving could help their case to convince James to stay. And in the event that James leaves, the Cavaliers could rebuild around this star. Porzingis easily fulfills such criteria. It is impossible to teach 7'-3" and an ability to handle the ball and shoot the ball from any range at that size.

It might also be time to part ways with Kevin Love. The All-Star is a solid all-around player, but his recent NBA Finals performance left a lot to be desired, especially because of his 9 points in Game 3 and 6 points in the decisive Game 5. Love has had to live with a reputation of being soft throughout his career. The Cavaliers need a consistent and dominant big man.This could be the Cavs' opportunity to trade Love in order to get a grander prize like Porzingis.

Carmelo Anthony might be the key. Getting Anthony, who is a close friend of James, would mean that the Cavs still want to surround James with the necessary talent in order to continue to win. After all, the loss of Irving could not be that heartbreaking. Of course, James would have to stay.