It looks like Carmelo Anthony will either remain with the New York Knicks or join the Houston Rockets. While negotiations between the Knicks and the Rockets had cooled off in recent weeks, the Rockets seem to have re-engaged the Knicks on trade talks involving Anthony in recent days. In addition, Carmelo looks willing to waive his no-trade clause only for the Rockets. But, would Anthony be making a good decision?

Anthony, Harden, Paul and one ball

The Houston Rockets added Chris Paul this summer. The veteran star will pair up with the NBA MVP runner-up James Harden.

Harden had a breakout season as he was able to transform himself into a deadly point guard who can facilitate and score at will. The arrival of Mike D'Antoni helped him mask his defensive deficiencies and accentuate his offensive repertoire. However, what worked for the Rockets last season was the fact that the other four players on the floor were usually determined to spread the floor and knock down three-pointers.

Now, a dilemma arises as it is uncertain who will be handling the ball more, Harden or Paul. Paul, 32, is not at a point in his career where he is ready to change his game. Paul and Harden will have to play off the ball more than usual. Paul has always been the floor general for his team.

On the other hand, he has not been able to reach the Western Conference Finals, so maybe it is time to try something new.

With two ball handlers already on the floor, it does not make sense to add Anthony, who is another player who loves to have the ball in his hands, especially when the clock is running down. Anthony is also an isolation-oriented player, and D'Antoni does not fare well with such players; just ask Kobe Bryant.

It does not seem like Anthony will enjoy standing in a corner waiting for the ball to come his way. Trevor Ariza is surely the kind of player that can do so and has done so superbly last season for example. Anthony is a player that needs to feel important, and that might not be possible alongside Harden and Paul. In addition, Paul could be leaving in free agency next summer.

Rockets need Anthony, Knicks need better offers

The Knicks would not get much in return from the Rockets. This is a main reason why negotiations have stalled. The Knicks are not willing to take the contracts of Ryan Anderson and Trevor Ariza. The Rockets' assets are limited. Consequently, they have been looking for a third team that could satisfy the Knicks' needs. The Knicks have no need to trade Anthony unless they can get fair value in return. The Knicks are still hopeful Carmelo would be willing to waive his no-trade clause for more teams.

But the Rockets desperately want Anthony. They are one star away from competing strongly and making things even more interesting in the Western Conference.

Would they win in the west? Probably not. But all Anthony wants right now is to be in a healthy and competitive basketball situation, and the Rockets can offer him just that. However, he would need to put his ego aside in Houston, and that would mean that his game would no longer stand out.