The NFL is investigating Ezekiel Elliott for two alleged abuse complaints, neither of which resulted in criminal charges. Dallas Cowboys team owner Jerry Jones was inducted into the Professional Football Hall of Fame last night and spoke with reporters at the Hall of Fame football game about his star running back. According to ESPN, Jones said he does not expect a suspension for Elliott.

Ezekiel Elliott situation

There are two situations that the NFL is looking into concerning Ezekiel Elliott. The first concerned a woman who claimed that Elliott beat her for an extended period of time.

However, witnesses at one of the locations that she accused Elliott of beating her at said that nothing happened and the woman was lying. The police never pressed charges against the Dallas Cowboys star for that event because there was no evidence, the witness chose not to step forward, and there were conflicting stories by witnesses.

The second event took place recently at a bar. There was an alleged fight at the bar and Ezekiel Elliott was at the scene of the fight. A person at the bar said that it was Elliott that punched a man in the face but the alleged victim is unknown and no one pressed charges for anything. Just like the alleged domestic situation, there were no charges filed against the Dallas Cowboys superstar at this incident either.

According to the Jerry Jones interview, the NFL is also looking into other "behavior" issues concerning Ezekiel Elliott but that they do not reach the level of "discipline" that would result in a suspension for the Dallas Cowboys superstar. However, that means little in Roger Goodell's NFL. Goodell suspended Ben Roethlisberger for an incident years ago that resulted in no criminal charges.

He suspended Tom Brady for allegations that had no evidence to back them up. The NFL could suspend Ezekiel even if nothing ever happened.

Dallas Cowboys suspension problems

The Dallas Cowboys have four players that are currently suspended. These are David Irving (PED suspension), Damontre Moore (DUI), Randy Gregory (drug suspension) and Shaquelle Evans (substance abuse).

They also have two more that could face suspension with Damien Wilson (assault charges) and Nolan Carrol (DWI).

As a result of the four suspensions alone, the NFL will fine the Dallas Cowboys around $91,000. If Ezekiel Elliott, Nolan Carroll, and Damien Wilson are suspended, the fine could be the maximum $500,000. That is the same fine Dallas paid last year when Rolando McClain, Randy Gregory, and DeMarcus Lawrence were suspended.