NBA veteran J.J. Reddick is a proven outside threat, known for sinking three-pointers to help create spacing during games. He could have ended up in Houston had it not been for changes made to the initial contract offered. As most know by now, the 33-year-old guard eventually signed with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Seeing how Reddick is in the twilight of his career, it was only normal for the former Duke University standout to seek a longer deal. This could be his last run for him, especially with lots of younger players entering the league at the same position.

Between the Rockets and Sixers, Philly gave him the better choice.

Rockets changed the original deal

Before joining Philly, Reddick revealed via Hoops Hype how he was originally offered a four-year contract. It turns out that this was changed to a three-year deal instead. This also meant less money. With the Sixers offering more, the decision was obvious.

Team owner Daryl Morey may have made the move seeing how they have been offering fat contracts. The most notable one was the deal handed to Chris Paul, Reddick’s former teammate with the Los Angeles Clippers.

The Rockets may be doing the numbers crunch as they try to tinker with their budget. Also, the fact that Reddick and James Harden play similar positions may have factored in, leading Morey to offer Reddick a revised deal.

Sixers stint looming better

Had Reddick ended up with the Rockets, he would have also gotten limited minutes. With his playing career slowly winding down, the decision to join the Sixers made more sense, especially as far as playing time.

Philadelphia has a lot of young and rising stars and needs a veteran to lead the team. Reddick gets that chance to fill that void, likely playing extensive minutes alongside the likes of Ben Simmons, Dario Saric and Jahlil Okafor.

There is also Joel Embiid to look forward to. The Cameroonian could benefit from Reddick’s outside sniping since it would give him more spacing. Embiid does need to keep himself healthy first. The former top pick of 2014 has been struggling with foot problems, an obstacle that has kept him from showing what he can do on the basketball court.

Head coach Brett Brown is expected to look up to Reddick who may also end up mentoring the younger stalwarts. That would include Ben Simmons and rookie Markelle Fultz, promising players who were the Sixers top pick in 2016 and 2017 respectively.

With a four-year deal closed, all that remains is for Reddick to do what he does best – lead and provide outside sniping. Outside shooting is something the Sixers have been lacking, something that would give players like Okafor, Simmons and Saric better chances to operate on the floor.

The Sixers hope to do better this 2017 NBA season, their chances of which have improved with a proven veteran in Reddick.