The Dallas Cowboys will be without three of their defensive stars when the 2017 NFL season starts and might lose two more before the dust settles. The most recent suspension comes for defensive end Damontre Moore, who the NFL suspended for two games for a DUI he received last December while playing with the Seattle Seahawks. He joins Randy Gregory, who has been suspended for a full season, and David Irving, who has been suspended four games for a performance enhancing drug violation.

The suspended Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys almost signed Damontre Moore last offseason but they saw problems for the player coming and decided to stay away.

Moore, who started his career with the New York Giants, instead joined the Seattle Seahawks and that is where he played when he ended up with the DUI charge. He also received another citation for driving without a license. It was issues such as these that caused Dallas to refuse to sign him last year.

Head coach Jason Garrett said that the team was leery about signing him in 2016 but after talking to him this year they feel that he is in a much better place in his life and is maturing and changing. Garrett said that they are excited to have Damontre Moore on the Dallas Cowboys team this year. The good news is that the suspension is only for two games.

The David Irving suspension is for four games because the penalties for performance enhancing drugs are greater than those for recreational drugs and alcohol abuse.

As for Randy Gregory, he was suspended multiple times before and has a year-long suspension awaiting him now. If Gregory doesn’t clean up his act and stop using drugs, his NFL career might be over with.

More Cowboys suspensions coming?

There are likely more Dallas Cowboys suspensions coming as well. If the NFL suspended Damontre Moore for a DUI then they are likely to do the same to Cowboys cornerback Nolan Carroll, who was pulled over in Dallas a couple of months back for a DWI.

There is also the case of Damien Wilson, who was also arrested this offseason. Both of those will hurt the Cowboys defense but there is one more that could hurt worse.

The NFL is about to make their decision about Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott. The 2016 NFL rushing leader was accused by a woman of beating her up.

Even though there are witnesses who say that it never happened, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has proven that he doesn’t care about guilt and innocence when passing down suspensions. There was also an incident at a bar this month with Elliott but, once again, no charges were handed down.