According to Terry Pluto of, the Cleveland Cavaliers would love to get Devin Booker in a trade for Kyrie Irving. The Phoenix Suns have been reported as saying they would not give up Booker or Josh Jackson in any deal. However, it might cost the Suns a player like Booker to acquire Irving if reports are true about the Cavaliers wanting more than Andrew Wiggins.

The Timberwolves inquired about Irving, but the Cavaliers told the Timberwolves that they wanted more than the potential star. Wiggins was the No. 1 overall pick in the 2014 NBA draft.

If Wiggins and a few role players can't get the job done, it's unlikely that just Booker would be able to do it either.

Booker unlikely to move

Just because the Cavaliers want Booker, does not mean that they are going to get him. Booker is five years younger than Irving and is still under his rookie contract. There's a good chance that Booker is more untouchable than Jackson. Booker averaged 22.1 points, 3.4 assists, and 3.2 rebounds. He has a career average of 18.0 points from his two seasons after playing his freshman season at the University of Kentucky.

The Suns apparently want to offer a package of Brandon Knight, Eric Bledsoe, and TJ Warren with a few draft picks for Irving according to Pluto.

This offer is unlikely as Knight is likely lost for the season due to an injury. The Suns would love to move Bledsoe, but the Cavaliers would have problems finding playing time for Deron Williams, Derrick Rose, and Bledsoe.

The report says that the Suns were tempted to dangle Jackson in trade offers, but are not reluctant to include him in any offer.

Jackson was the No. 4 overall pick in this year's draft. He has drawn comparisons to Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant in terms of his scoring ability. The former University of Kansas star could bring a player like Irving to the Suns, but given that he is just 19 years old and has superstar potential, he is off the table.

Irving berates pickup teammate

Irving was recently in the news not for trade rumors, but for his berating of a pickup basketball teammate according to Sports Illustrated. Irving went home to New Jersey to play some basketball. One of his teammates was turning the ball over, so Irving called him out. Irving told his teammate that he would stop feeding him the ball. He was reminded that the game was not a real game, but just for fun. However, Irving was still going to keep the ball away from him.