There are two big names in the NBA right now who have yet to figure out where they will play -- Kyrie Irving and Carmelo Anthony -- and only a blockbuster trade is likely to end the suspense. While Irving has already been linked to several teams, it looks like Anthony is targeting only one – the Houston Rockets. Should the deal be finalized, he would be joining James Harden and Banana Boat buddy Chris Paul.

No-trade clause waived only for Rockets

According to the New York Post, sources claim that Anthony will waive the no-trade clause only if the Knicks deal him to the Rockets.

This hints that the Cavs may be out of it with the hands of New York top brasses tied. So why the Rockets? Considering Melo and LeBron James are good friends, the preference to go to Houston may be a bit surprising. Seeing, however, the state of the Cavs right now, Anthony may be thinking of a stress-free team to join, not to mention a team that has a defined goal of establishing themselves in the Western Conference.

The Cavs, on the other hand, face an uncertain future. Irving is expected to be dealt soon, plus, Kevin Love has been the subject of trades even before Irving requested a trade. There is also the future to consider. James holds a no-trade clause and could opt out of his deal with the Cavs next summer.

If Anthony goes to Cleveland, he could end up being the lone star for the Cavs. This depends on the deal he could land in the event that the Cavs pursue him. In all, the Cavs are rocky at the moment and Anthony apparently doesn’t want to be part of it. He already had his share of that with the Knicks, a team in a similar state.

How will the Rockets close it?

With Anthony setting his foot down, Mike D’Antoni and company may be starting to figure out who stays and who goes. There will be casualties in the brewing deal, likely involving multiple players since Anthony has a hefty contract. Some of the possible players to be dealt will likely be from the forward line.

That could include names like Trevor Ariza or Ryan Anderson though nothing has been mentioned so far. The following days could result in more names, if not the actual trade going down.

If not a straight-up trade, there could be a third team needed to make it happen. The next couple of weeks will be interesting with Anthony and Irving ironically in a race to see who gets signed first. While Melo only has one team in mind, several teams are scrambling for Irving, but only if the price is right.