The Houston Rockets are for sale and the bidding is open to the ones who can shell out the franchise’s value pegged at $1.65 billion by Forbes. Celebrities normally look to invest their earnings and the latest word out is that Beyonce is mulling making the huge investment.

Should it materialize, Beyonce would technically follow the lead of her husband, jay z. The rapper previously owned 1-percent of the Brooklyn Nets though a rule change tweaks the scenario a bit. Apparently, the new ruling requires teams to have no more than 25 individual owners with each having at least a 1-percent stake.

Beyonce can easily buy in

Beyonce is valued at $350 million by Forbes, meaning she can easily afford the 1-percent stake amounting to $16.5 million. But with the rules, the only thing left is for the singer-actress is to get a group together to make it happen.

That part could take some time though it may involve a mix of celebrities and business tycoons. There is no telling who would be interested at this time as the story will likely develop further. Beyonce’s interest could be a spark so expect many to riddle her with questions as to why she suddenly became interested investing in an NBA ballclub?

Why the Rockets?

Bloomberg mentioned that Beyonce is from Houston and this could be the basic reason why she would want to buy a share of the Rockets.

Then again, one cannot help but include Jay Z in the picture. With their combined wealth, their wallets could hold the billions.

Also, there is no question that Beyonce has been a loyal follower of the Rockets. Apparently, she and her hubby are avid basketball fans so the game changer could be owning (a piece) of an actual NBA franchise.

The announcement by Leslie Alexander to put the Rockets on the block comes as a surprise to most. For a team that has James Harden, Chris Paul and possibly Carmelo Anthony, the Rockets look formidable heading into next season.

However, this is unlikely the reason why Beyonce (and Jay Z?) are contemplating buying in. Celebrities have been known to make investments, huge ones at that.

At 35, dipping her hands in and trying to manage a professional basketball team could be a challenge, not to mention a wise investment with the right people helping her run the Rockets show.

Unless Beyonce goes beyond the minority share interest, fulfilling her dream to become part-owner of the Rockets may take time. She could fast-track with a group to share in the investment unless Alexander or someone from the Rockets group helps her out to finally get things settled.