Brock Lesnar could be leaving WWE again for another stint in the octagon. The Beast Incarnate is set to defend the WWE Universal championship against Braun Strowman, samoa joe and Roman Reigns in a fatal-four way match at SummerSlam two weeks from now. His associate Paul Heyman already informed everybody on the latest episode of Monday Night Raw that Lesnar plans to take another exit from the squared circle should he lose the title belt at the upcoming PPV event.

Brock Lesnar’s impending exit

Even before Heyman dropped a bombshell of a statement regarding his client’s plan, Lesnar has already given hints that he’s bound to make a return to the UFC where he’s also a big draw.

The former UFC Heavyweight champion has just been re-entered the USADA testing pool two weeks ago, adding more fuel to speculation of a big MMA comeback. His re-entry to the USADA testing pool only means he’s officially unretired.

Jon Jones, who recently regained the UFC light heavyweight championship after knocking out rival Daniel Cormier last Sunday, challenged Lesnar to a fight that is expected to be one of the biggest money-wise in UFC history. WME-IMG has been trying to put up a series of matches featuring big-draw names like Lesnar, Jones and Conor McGregor since their multi-billion dollar acquisition of UFC.

Brock, who proved he hasn’t lost his MMA fan-base during his recent stint in the UFC, will provide the company with another money-making performer outside of McGregor.

Besides, Lesnar is bound to get more money from the UFC than he’s earning all year in the WWE.

WWE Universal title change

A Brock Lesnar loss at SummerSlam and eventual exit from WWE would mean Vince McMahon has to pick a worthy successor to the Beast Incarnate. WWE would surely want another dominant champion, and all three of Lesnar’s opponents (Reigns, Joe and Strowman) are physically imposing.

Bleacher Report WWE writer Kevin Berge thinks Strowman has all the momentum in the world heading into the fatal 4-way title match at SummerSlam.

Bruan’s unrestrained domination has been the biggest story since the Wrestlemania season. His feud against Reigns further solidified him as a main-event player, making him ready to hold the prestigious Universal championship belt.

Lesnar regaining title for now

Then again, it’s very unlikely for Lesnar to lose the title in a fatal 4-way match. Brock will walk away with the crown, though he will ultimately lose it to one of the participants in the match, likely Braun, in the next few weeks after SummerSlam. WWE wants the new top dog on RAW to pin the exiting Lesnar as clean as a whistle in order to establish himself as the true king of the brand.