The Cleveland Cavaliers pulled off a deal last week that happened to be the best offer they could have received from any other team in the league. The only guard that seems capable of putting up the same numbers as Kyrie Irving that can be dealt is Isaiah Thomas. Thomas is in the last year of his deal with the Boston Celtics and there is a strong possibility that the team will not re-sign him at the conclusion of the upcoming season if he demands too much money. So, dealing him away right now for Irving is a great move considering the fact that Kyrie has two years left on his deal and has already expressed how much he does not want to stay in Cleveland.

When both teams made the deal last week, the Cavs organization was already well aware of the hip injury that cut Thomas' playoff run short in the ECF when the two teams met. Still, the team decided to make the deal because a hip injury is not that severe and it is an injury that can heal in short time. However, according to ESPN, the Cavs are now seeking additional compensation out of the deal and have threatened to veto the deal if Boston does not give them the future draft picks they are looking for.

Why should the Cavs take the deal as is?

Unfortunately for Cleveland, if they decide to play the bluff game with Boston, they may lose the deal and end up going into a season where Irving could certainly find a way to use a minor injury to sit out on the sidelines for the entire upcoming season.

If that occurs, the team will need to start preparing for several years of devastation and losing again. Also, if Irving stays on the roster, it will almost guarantee LeBron's departure at the end of the season. However, if they take the pieces the Celtics agreed to send along with Thomas, it may persuade James to stick it out until retirement and it will certainly continue to keep the Cavs as a championship contender for years to come.

Risk of vetoing the deal for Cleveland

The Celtics have plenty of assets that will assure them a promising future. At this point, the worst thing for Cleveland is if Boston decides to cancel the deal altogether. The Celtics will have to deal with a player in Thomas who never wanted to leave. The Cavs, however, will have to deal with a player that demanded a trade and a relationship between two star players that will not be fully repaired until the split.

Also, if they don't take the deal for Irving now, the next two years won't be pleasant.

Boston clearly has the leverage in the deal and If Cleveland wants to be in the best position possible in the future, they need to take the deal as is and hope the chemistry between Thomas and James works well enough to make it to the NBA Finals. If not, at least you still have a top pick in next year's draft that can jump-start the team's rebuilding process immediately.