Each time the name of Gennady Golovkin is mentioned, Boxing pundits would expect a knockout win. He built on that niche, pummeling opponents left and right. His streak of KO wins came to a surprising halt against a less-heralded Daniel Jacobs. While this is not meant to disrespect the performance of Jacobs, critics were quick to point out a different Triple G after that March 2017 bout. Is Golovkin losing his explosiveness?

Rejuvenated interest

In an interview with writers reported by Boxing Scene, the Kazakhstan boxing sensation admitted that his motivation to fight took a bit of a hit.

A lot stemmed from frustration with Golovkin failing to land big name fights. His promoter, Tom Loeffler, singled out a particular instance. This was the time that Canelo Alvarez vacated the WBC middleweight title. Billy Joe Saunders and Chris Eubank Jr. turned down the fight with Kell Brook eventually the remaining option. While Brook is a big name, the challenge was to prove Triple G could conquer markets. Their match at the O2 Arena in September 2016 went beyond boxing. It was about proving that Golovkin could draw in a crowd and conquer a new market. With multiple belts around his waist, there was still something missing for Triple G. He wanted a real challenge and someone who could push him to his limits.

As most know by now, Alvarez is that guy.

Wish granted

Golovkin is aware that he will be facing one of the top boxers in the modern era. It will not be easy for both fighters, though most are expected a slam-bang affair. Unlike Floyd Mayweather Jr. fights, Alvarez and Golovkin have been known to always go on the offensive. It will be a tactical match where one punch could make a big difference.

Golovkin is aware of the capabilities of Alvarez, a challenge that has allowed him to rediscover his motivation. Stakes are higher with the Mexican expected to slug it out and brawl with the Kazakh KO artist.

Will there be a knockout? It all depends. Alvarez and camp are aware of what Golovkin can do and that rare decision victory over Jacobs is something they are not taking lightly.

With renewed interest, Triple G may be doubly dangerous and unpredictable. Hence, it all boils down to the game plan both fighters have in store.

Both fighters seem to be on even grounds come Sept. 16. Depending on the outcome, it seems almost imminent that this rivalry will have sequels. Seeing the big revenue to be generated from this fight, one blockbuster match is unlikely to settle the score. With most boxers like Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao, Juan Manuel Marquez, and Miguel Cotto hanging up their gloves, Alvarez and Golovkin find themselves vying for another title -- the best pound-for-pound fighter of this era.