According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, a girls' Softball team from Mechanicsville, Virginia was disqualified from playing the championship game on Saturday at the Junior League World Series in Kirkland, Washington. This was unfortunate because the Atlee Junior League softball team had been undefeated all season.

The whole team was affected by the posting and was not allowed to play in the championship game that was televised nationally after the players had traveled from Richmond, Virginia to Kirkland, Washington.

Reason for disqualification

Six players on the team took a photo giving the host team the finger.

The all girls team also taunted their opponents with the caption, "Watch out host." That was because they were playing their opponents on their own soil. One person posted it on social media. Their "flipping the bird" posting caused the entire team to get the punishment.

The team, consisting of 12-to-14-year-olds, did not learn of their disqualification until they were at the game on Saturday. The team apologized, but it was too late for officials to allow them to play because what they did violated the league's policies regarding unsportsmanlike conduct. Officials say it was poor sportsmanship.

Reaction to the punishment

The Atlee team manager found out about the photo shortly after the team posted it.

Manager Scott Currie reprimanded the girls and demanded that the photo be deleted. It had been screenshot and reposted many times before it was eventually deleted. Currie did not agree with officials that the entire team should be disqualified.

He believed the punishment was too harsh. The team asked for an investigation, but it was determined that the photo was proof of bad judgment and there was nothing to investigate.

Many people complained that the entire team was disqualified because of the action of the six girls in the photo and the posting on Snapchat by only one person. Others agreed with Little League’s decision but concluded that it was a hard lesson to learn.

The manager, coach, and parents agree that the girls learned a lesson the hard way because of the consequences of their action.

They are hoping the young girls can move on and this incident will not be held again them as they go to high school and college. Most people know that once something is posted on social media it stays there forever even after it has supposedly been deleted.