There was a huge incident this week at the Orlando International Airport between former WWE superstar and current GFW world champion Alberto Del Rio and his fiancé Paige. The police were called and no charges were filed. However, TMZ reported that Del Rio roughed up Paige in the incident – something that Paige has denied. After this, there was an audio recording released and now family members of Paige are starting to speak up about their concern. Here is what is known so far about this scary situation and the reason for the alleged Paige and Alberto Del Rio fight.

Paige’s original statement

After TMZ broke the news about the incident, Paige took to Twitter and gave her side of the story. According to Paige, she had gotten bad news on the phone and was crying. She said a woman tried to take her picture and they asked her to stop but she wouldn’t. Paige then said the woman threw a drink on Alberto Del Rio and they are the ones who called the police. Paige then asked people to leave them alone.

The audio recording of the incident

While it seemed like it might end up as a “he said/she said” situation, the person at the airport decided to release an audio recording of the entire situation. While it almost seems like a huge invasion of privacy, it does go a long way to show that Paige was not being completely honest about the situation.

In the recording, Alberto Del Rio was saying he was going to call the cops with Paige telling him to leave her alone because she wanted to get away from him. Alberto then said on the tape that the two of them got into a fight at a restaurant and she attacked him.

An eyewitness account speaks out

A person who was at the restaurant when the fight started came out and explained what they claimed to have seen.

According to the witness, the two were arguing with each other and threatened to call the police, as the audiotape also proved. However, the witness then alleges that Paige said that Del Rio had been doing coke for two days and was abusive. Del Rio said the coke was in Paige’s bag and told bystanders to check. Paige also allegedly accused Alberto of ruining her career and then Alberto allegedly said that he hopes her sick uncle would die.

Paige’s family speaks up

The final update on the reason for the Paige and Alberto Del Rio fight comes from statements by her family. Del Rio is under investigation for domestic abuse of Paige and her brother Zak Bevis said that he is worried about his sister. According to Zak, Del Rio is a “control freak” who beats up his sister and covers his tracks because he is rich. Zac even said he doesn’t want Paige to end up like Amy Winehouse or Whitney Houston.

Paige has a second brother named Roy Knight who has also said that Alberto Del Rio is abusing her. Roy also said that he is trying to get her fired from the WWE because he doesn’t want her there. Roy also claims that they have photos that prove that Del Rio has been beating her.