WWE superstar Paige was the victim of a cybercrime as nude photos and videos were released on the Internet this past week from a cellphone. It seems like no matter how many times that a celebrity has nude photos or videos hacked and released on the Internet, it never stops them from keeping risque photos and videos on their mobile devices and it turns out that the leaked Paige nude photos and videos were just the start.

WWE superstars victims of hacking

A short time after Paige had her photos and videos leaked for all the world to see, two more female WWE superstars also found themselves as victims as well.

Current WWE superstar Summer Rae was the star with the least damage as her photos were risque but included nothing more than the WWE themselves have shown from their Divas in the past. The third was former Diva Kaitlyn, who had nudes released from her own personal cell phone as well. However, it was the leaked Paige videos that are the most damaging. Paige was suspended twice by the WWE last year and hasn't appeared since she underwent surgery that the WWE actually protested. Now, with the videos surfacing of her involved in sexual acts with former WWE general manager Brad Maddox and current WWE superstar Xavier Woods, puts not only Paige's future in danger but also the future of a future WWE movie and the career of Xavier Woods.

The fallout in the WWE

The person who has the least to lose is Summer Rae. As mentioned, her photos were tame in comparison. However, the biggest casualty here might be that to Paige. The WWE, along with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, is currently shooting a movie about the life of Paige and her family and one has to wonder if this controversy will affect the movie.

The WWE has already taken some preemptive action by taking Xavier Woods off the road for the weekend to allow things to die down. Woods shouldn't face too much discipline as the WWE already set a precedent by not punishing a WWE superstar for leaked photos when it happened to Seth Rollins. However, when it comes to Paige and her WWE career, the leaked video could finally mark the end of her tenure with the company.