In what has become a rarity for the WWE lately, a championship has changed hands during a live event other than a pay-per-view, "Raw," or "SmackDown Live" episode. On Friday night, "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles competed for the WWE United States Championship and was able to capture the belt from reigning champion kevin owens. The surprising win comes less than a week after Styles won a huge battle royal on "SmackDown Live" to become new No. 1 contender for the championship. Here are the latest details on AJ Styles' big win.


On Friday, and various professional wrestling news websites reported on the big title change.

It took place at Madison Square Garden in New York City for a live house show. While the finish of the match was not reported by WWE, it is reported that AJ Styles is now the WWE United States Champion. This is the first time in his career with the company he's held the title. Styles previously held the WWE World Championship. A video posted to Twitter by one fan shows Styles getting the victory after hitting his finisher The Phenomenal Forearm for a pinfall win on Owens.

The WWE would go on to post a photo of AJ Styles holding his new championship belt on Twitter and Instagram.

Fans are clearly still in disbelief over the title win, as it's not every day that a championship will change hands without the majority of WWE fans being able to witness it happening.

In addition to that photo tweet from WWE, various superstars and personnel tweeted their surprise at the win or congratulated "The Phenomenal One" for winning the United States title.

They included Cathy Kelley, Michael P.S. Hayes, and Sasha Banks. WWE also tweeted that only two superstars have won the United States Championship now at Madison Square Garden. The shortlist features only John Cena and now AJ Styles.

'Battleground' plans changed?

The WWE website questions what this will mean going forward. Styles won the Battle Royal on "SmackDown Live" to become No.

1 contender for the U.S. title at the "Battleground" PPV. However, this win gives him the title well ahead of that event. Will it mean that Owens wins back the title on an upcoming "SmackDown" or will Styles be the one defending it at the pay-per-view? The WWE "Battleground" event is scheduled to take place on Sunday, July 23rd in Philadelphia.

It would seem that with a quick and unseen win of this nature, Styles' championship win will be reported heavily somehow by WWE in the coming days. While Sunday's pay-per-view is a "Raw" exclusive, it could get some mention on Sunday.

If not, it certainly will be mentioned on Tuesday's episode of "SmackDown Live."

WWE fans, what do you think of AJ Styles' championship win not being shown on a pay-per-view or television show. Is this good for business or bad since many fans can't witness it happening?