Fantasy Football season is slowly creeping up on us and that means it's time to start preparing for fantasy drafts. That means doing as much research on potential targets as possible and keeping up to date with news on each target as well. This article series started by focusing on tight ends and their potential, and this article will feature Wide Receivers. Below are the four most overrated wide receivers in fantasy football right now.

1. Michael Thomas (New Orleans Saints)

There's no way that Michael Thomas, who is currently being drafted as the 7th best wide receiver on Fantasy Football Calculator, is worth the 16th overall pick.

In an extraordinary season, he finished the year with the 9th most fantasy points of all wide receivers. Is he capable of that feat again in a Saints offense that loves to spread the ball around? Is it worth picking Thomas over other extremely talented receivers like Jordy Nelson, who led fantasy receivers in scoring last year? It's not. Don't go crazy and avoid drafting Michael Thomas, whose price is way too expensive this season.

2. Sammy Watkins (Buffalo Bills)

As a Bills fan, I hate to put him here because he is one of the best fantasy football options on the team. However, his inconsistency is maddening for all fantasy owners and his propensity for injuries makes him way too risky. Watkins has only played in 21 games in the past two seasons, and he's great when he plays, but I'd rather have a player who actually gets on the field with the 40th overall pick in my fantasy football draft.

3. Donte Moncrief (Indianapolis Colts)

Last year, everyone thought this guy would be amazing. He was drafted in the upper half of fantasy drafts and was a complete bust, averaging just 4.3 fantasy points per game. There simply weren't enough targets to go around in an Andrew Luck led offense for Moncrief to get a big enough piece of the pie.

Moncrief is still being drafted at about the 65th position, similar to Golden Tate, Larry Fitzgerald, and Jamison Crowder, all wide receivers who were far better than Moncrief last season.

4. DeVante Parker (Miami Dolphins)

How long are we supposed to wait for this guy to show up? He was expected to make a big impact in his rookie year and didn't.

He was expected to make a big leap in year 2 and made only small improvements. Now fantasy football expects me to still pay a premium price for future production? I don't think so. Parker averaged only 5.8 fantasy Points Per Game last season and had some decent games, but he shouldn't be anything more than the last bench slot on any roster until he proves he can be a productive fantasy receiver.